Russian forces continue bombing eastern Ukraine on Sunday 10 July. At least 15 people died in a strike against a building. Other regions are also affected. Franceinfo summarizes the highlights of this 137th day of war.

The construction strike kills at least 15

According to the Ukrainian authorities, a Russian strike who gutted an apartment building in Chassiv (east) killed at least 15 people. The strike took place in the night between Saturday and Sunday in this city of about 12,000 inhabitants. According to the rescue, 24 people are still under the rubble, including a child, while another five have been saved from the rubble.

The four-story building was hit by a Russian Hurricane missile, Pavlo Kyrylenko, governor of the Donetsk region that the Russian military is trying to conquer, said on Telegram. AFP journalists who arrived on site after the strike saw the building partially collapsed, rescuers and a backhoe at work to clear the area.

“The brutal Russian artillery attacks do not stop for a day, Sloviansk, Bakhmout, Avdiivka …”Saturday night he condemned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, asking for weapons again “modern and powerful” to defend.

The Russian fire continues in different parts of the country

Ukrainian army personnel reported on Sunday, like the day before, many Russian bombings but hardly any ground attacks by Moscow forces. In Kharkiv (northeast), the country’s second largest city, Governor Oleg Synegoubov reported on Telegram of a new missile launch that hit a “Institute of Education” and a house, injuring one. Other Russian strikes are reported notably near Siversk and Sloviansk (east) and in the Mykolaiv region (south).

“High-precision ground weapons hit a temporary deployment point of the artillery unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and an ammunition depot on the territory of the Sloviansk city pottery factory”said the Russian army. “Up to 100 people” were killed and “more than 1,000 artillery shells for American-made M777 howitzers and about 700 rockets for Grad MLRS” were destroyed, he added.

The website of the German newspaper “Die Welt” is blocked in Russia.

It has been added to the growing list of sites banned by Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor. German newspaper website Die Welt was blocked in Russia, Russian agencies reported. This block took place following a request from the prosecution, explains this source. The site is no longer open on phones and computers, AFP reporters in Russia discovered.

Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, the German newspaper has started publishing content in Russian, while most of the independent information has been repressed in Russia.

The newspaper also employed Russian journalist Maria Ovsiannikova for a while. In March she made an extraordinary appearance on the set of a pro-Kremlin news program, brandishing a sign against the Russian offensive in Ukraine.

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