Doxorus had a rather original experience in the past few days on WoW. His Warlock’s Felguard Demonology was truly overwhelmed to the point of dealing more damage than all of his other spells combined. The point where it gets stuck is that the bug has persisted to the point where the player is now afraid of being suspended by Blizzard.

It all started while he was playing Torment. Thanks to the powers of the Soul, his Felguard has received several buffs. So far, nothing unusual, you will agree. After leaving the Tower of the Jailer, he launched into Mythic +. But looking at the records, he realized that his familiar was much more powerful than usual. He had 440,000 life and dealt 11,000 to 12,000 damage.

After noticing the bug, Doxorus reported the information to Blizzard and went to bed. After the weekly reset, he logged in and found the buffs were still there. However, he was faced with a dilemma: change his pet or keep the Felguard but with the fear of being banned for exploiting an insect.

Having heard nothing from Blizzard, he attempted to remove the buffs in several different ways:

  • New Felguard Summon.
  • Have the Felguard killed by bosses, lava, or other players.
  • Change specialization, summon more familiars, and return to Demonology.
  • Go back to Haunt and run again.
  • Enter the arena and get killed.
  • Enter Mythic + with the same specification or another.
  • Revoke Felguard multiple times.
  • Enable / disable add-ons.
  • Rename Felguard.

Using the Wrathguard glyph appears to be the only way to remove the bug, but as soon as the glyph is removed, the bug returns and the Felguard once again gains 440,000 health and colossal damage.

The next day, he received a response from Blizzard. The developers will take a look at the problem, but reports are rare and there is no workaround. Perhaps this is due to the disconnections suffered by the player during his time in Haunt, but at this point nothing is determined.

However, Doxorus must now keep playing, hoping not to be reported for exploits by other players. Fortunately, he’s unlikely to get past the big concerns since he himself reported the bug to Blizzard.

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