Agathe Auproux à la plage, en BIKINI au naturel elle fait des ravages sur la Toile

It is the time of the summer holidays when everyone takes advantage of the sun to relax and get a tan. Everyone is having fun and celebrities are sharing their vacation photos via social media. For Agathe Auproux it was with a natural-faced selfie that she seduced the Web.

A return after an absence on social media

The columnist of “Touche pas à mon poste” has been busy this year. With the cover of “Balance your post! »And the new program” A young man, a solution “that you are presenting, the journalist was not very present on social networks. After several days of absence, the 30-year-old woman posted a story to reassure her followers.

“Friends, hello! Between two floors, 2 big meetings, 1 photo shoot, 4 zoom, 3 project management, 1 brand launch and 150 emails, I haven’t had time to write stories in the last few days,” he explained on Instagram.

He continued his explanation by announcing good news to his subscribers. This absence, in fact, was linked to the validation of his highway code. The young woman had failed her exam on D-Day, but she returned the next day. This perseverance gave a good result, because she managed to get the code with “only 3 defects”.

These few months have therefore given him no respite. Fortunately, for the summer holidays, Agathe Auproux took a little break. She leaves Paris to go south.

Lovely Agathe Auproux in her natural photo

A few days ago, Agathe Auproux left for the south of France. The least that can be said, in the photo she posted, the young man took color this summer. The beautiful brunette had posted a photo of her natural. You could see the new freckles caused by the southern sun.

There is nothing more beautiful than naturalness and the young woman who has already fought cancer proved it. The compliments came in droves in the comments of the post. Agathe Auproux caused a sensation with her makeup-free selfie with no other artifice.

Among the comments, some referred to freckles as a sign of coolness. The one who wasn’t feeling good about herself in 2019 received compliments from her subscribers. Some wished him happy holidays.

On social networks, Agathe Auproux maintains a good relationship with her subscribers. She always keeps them informed about her plans for her, about her daily life and the events in her life. She also publishes her educational program on feeling good about yourself after cancer.

“Well in my skin” season 2

This year, Agathe Auproux posted the first episode of the second season of her show on Instagram. Recall that the young journalist had suffered from lymphatic cancer in 2019. While she was in remission from her disease in 2021, she had become the face of La Roche-Posay.

According to his announcement on his Instagram account, the brand would help him a lot in his chemotherapy. At the same time, the young woman announced the release of the program “Well in my skin”. In this program, the young woman’s subscribers and interested parties received explanations about the dermatological product. A very well received program by Agathe Auproux subscribers.

In fact, it has helped many people who have had to undergo chemotherapy because of cancer. On June 29, Agathe Auproux released the second season of her show. “Bien dans ma peau” is back with more episodes focusing on the product that treats skin diseases.

Agathe Auproux and her team are on their way to the village of La Roche-Posay. Subscribers shared in the comments their excitement about the show’s next episode. Some have expressed their gratitude to the young woman that she is helping those recovering from a long period of illness.

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