She is still a discreet princess who is beginning to assert herself: at almost 23 years old, Alessandra of Hanover made a splash at the last Bal de la Rose! In a red and white dress by Giambattista Valli, worthy of a princess (as she is!), The young woman posed in front of the photographers very naturally, surrounded by her dear ones.

His two half-brothers, Pierre and Andréa Casiraghi, were especially present with their wives, Beatrice Borromeo and Tatiana Santo Domingo, as well as her half-sister, Charlotte Casiraghi, who had brought her husband Dimitri Rassam with her.

Of the children, however, no trace: Andréa and his wife have three small children (Sasha, 9 years old, India, 7 years old and Massimiliano, 4 years old), Pierre and Beatrice have two children (Stefano and Francesco, 5 and 4 years old), just like Charlotte (Raphaël, 9, was born from her first union with Gad Elmaleh unlike her little brother Balthazar, 4).

But their youngest did not come alone: ​​for more than six years, in fact, she has been in a relationship with Ben-Sylvester, a young German who is only one year older than her and, like her, grew up in Munich. Particularly sharing their dual culture, they love each other with discretion and participate together in the official Monegasque ceremonies.

A long-awaited wedding

Bal de la Rose, Monaco Grand Prix, football matches … The young Ben-Sylvester, born into a family of bankers, nevertheless seems to be increasingly integrated into the princely family. Where do the rumors of a possible marriage arise? It could very well be, in any case, awaited by the whole Principality!

It must be said that at nearly 23, the young woman is the only one of her brothers not married: her three Monegasque half-brothers and sisters, although much older than her, have been married for several years. As for the stepbrothers on the paternal side, they also passed the ring on the finger of their boyfriends: Ernst August Junior is married to the Russian Ekaterina Malysheva and Christian, to the Peruvian Alessandra de Osma. Two weddings that … Ben-Sylvester had attended with his better half!

In any case, before taking the plunge, the two lovers savor and take advantage of the time spent together. If both of them are finishing their studies too, they too are absorbed by their passions … and it will not surprise you to know that that of the young Alexandra is fashion: like her grandmother, Grace Kelly, her mother Caroline of Monaco, her sister and her sisters-in-law, never misses a show!

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