The successor of the Alfa Romeo Giulia should use the same name. It will be a long-range electric sedan.

Alfa Romeo plans to go fully electric in 2027 and will not only produce zero-emission SUVs. Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of the brand, provided details on the future electric Giulia.

The sedan debuted in 2016 and received a makeover in 2020, and is expected to return in 2027. The electric Giulia will be based on Stellantis’ STLA Large platform and Imparato wants to support that model.

“Alfa Romeo will have a future for the Giulia, and will also do the job for the SUVs”he has declared. “The shapes of the Giulia are fantastic, I don’t want to lose it. “

“This car is great, so there is a future for this type of car. But it will be an electrified future, and probably 100% electric for Alfa Romeo. “

And the electric Giulia should offer a battery from 100 kWh to 118 kWh. This would allow it to display a range of up to 800 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, the sedan would offer ultra-fast charging that would allow it to regain up to 30km per minute.

An electric range and the return of the GTV?

Jean-Philippe Imparato revealed that Alfa Romeo would have opted for a sporting philosophy. The brand, in fact, promises to create high-performance models, and its CEO sees here the advantage of exploiting the capabilities of “zero emissions”.

“I have to make important choices. If I want to have an above average level of performance, I have to be bold. If I say I’m electric, I’m electric. I’m not half done, if you know what I mean. “

“It wouldn’t work. It is a risk to take, but it is normal. We are here to take a risk, but we have passed the tipping point, in my opinion. “

Taking up the philosophy of Colin Chapman, illustrious founder of Lotus, Imparato would like to make light cars. If he is aware of the challenge this represents with the electric, he at least wants to get back to basics.

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“I would like to have this slogan ‘the light is right’ for Alfa Romeo. Even though I have a lot of drums behind me, I want to convey an idea of ​​lightness, even if I’m thrilled. “

“It is a fundamental element of Alfa Romeo and on this basis we are building this new range. But that’s not all, we are working on the atmosphere you will experience driving an Alfa Romeo in 2025 ”.

In addition to the Giulia, Imparato has confirmed that Alfa Romeo will obviously offer electric SUVs. Furthermore, he would like to bring back the GTV name in the form of an electric coupe.

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