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A great lover of gold, passionate about oil issues, enthusiastic about rare metals and unconditional copper, Jordan Dufee comes as no surprise that the commodity specialist on ZoneBourse.
Expert in our fundamental technical and investment processes, a true Swiss Army Knife of the team, he puts his extensive financial background at your disposal.

Every morning, before the European markets open, you will find a selection of advice from analysts covering the main markets of the old continent. The list includes only companies whose opinion or price target has changed or have been re-tracked. It is likely to be updated during the meeting. This information sheds light on the movements of certain stocks or the market sentiment on a company.

  • ABB : Citigroup goes from buy to neutral and lowers the target from 35 to 29 CHF.
  • Adidas: Deutsche Bank remains long but revises its target from 305 euros to 240 euros.
  • Allianz: Jefferies is still long but with a reduced price target from 255 to 240 EUR.
  • Alstom: Citigroup lowers the target from 42 to 38 EUR.
  • Axa: Jefferies maintains its buy recommendation but reduces its target from 30.50 to 28 EUR.
  • BHP Group: Jefferies is long but revises the target downwards, from 82 to 77 AUD.
  • Electricité de France: JP Morgan increases its overweight recommendation with a price target of 12 EUR.
  • FlatexDegiro: Morgan Stanley begins follow-up with an underweight recommendation.
  • Fraport AG: JP Morgan is neutral with a reduced price target from 55 to 51 EUR.
  • Holcim: JP Morgan moves from short to neutral with an unchanged price target of CHF 53.
  • Julius Bar: RBC continues to outperform but lower its target from CHF 60 to CHF 58.
  • Legrand: Citigroup lowers its target from 85 to 80 euros.
  • Levi Strauss: Morgan Stanley remains long but lowers the target from 33 to 19 USD.
  • Life Storage: Citigroup is a buyer but revises its target from $ 150 to $ 133.
  • Malibu Boats: Truist Securities is long but lowers its target from $ 80 to $ 70.
  • Morgan Stanley: Jefferies is still a long way off but is revising its USD 109 to USD 97 target.
  • NVIDIA: Tigress Financial remains long with a target price reduced from 410 to 310 USD.
  • Pernod Ricard: Deutsche Bank remains on the buy side with a price target increased from EUR 234 to EUR 242.
  • Renault: Jefferies is still buying at 40 euros while Stifel, who is also buying, lowers its target from 55 euros to 41 euros.
  • Roche Holding: UBS moves from seller to neutral but lowers its target from 345 to 328 CHF.
  • Siemens Gamesa: Mirabaud Securities goes from long to neutral with a target of 18.10 euros.
  • Soitec: Deutsche Bank lowers the target from 225 to 175 EUR.
  • The Charles Schwab: Jefferies remains long with a reduced price target from USD 95 to USD 78.
  • Tradeweb market: Credit Suisse is still long but lowered the target from 101 to 88 USD.
  • Wells Fargo: Seaport Global Securities remains long, but lowers the target from 67 to 57 USD. 2022

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