Anne-Sophie Lapix (JT 20H) boycottée sur TF1, elle réagit enfin à la polémique !

During the debate between the two rounds of the 2022 presidential election, many would have liked to have seen Anne-Sophie Lapix, head of 20H de France 2, around the table in front of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. But the reporter was boycotted by both sides. After a wave of indignation, the principal concerned finally reacts.

An absence that speaks

On April 20, when Anne-Sophie Lapix was to lead the debate between the two rounds, she was sadly absent. An absence that caused a lot of talk and also generated controversy. What happened ?

In fact, it turned out that President Emmanuel Macron had refused to see the presenter “referee” his exchanges with Marine Le Pen. If Anne-Sophie Lapix had been unanimous against her, having also opposed the candidate of the National Gathering, it was rather the decision of Brigitte’s husband that aroused controversy on the web.

“I have not lived it badly […]. This controversy finally allowed me to have Emmanuel Macron at 20 Hours the day after the debate. We have been trying to get it since the beginning of the year without success, “admitted Anne-Sophie Lapix in an interview for Le Parisien on Saturday 9 July 2022.

The reporter’s reaction

During her interview with the newspaper Le Parisien, the young woman took the opportunity to clarify.

“I have not lived it badly. I wasn’t entirely surprised that Marine Le Pen didn’t want it to be me [la candidate d’extrême droite ne la porte pas dans son cœur depuis des années après une interview qui lui avait causé du tort, ndlr] as this is an important time for applicants. Although I would not have had the same tone in animating a debate as the one I have for my interviews, ”she assured her.

The journalist is well aware that her tone displeases many politicians who feel attacked and cornered. But for her, nothing personal, he’s just doing her job!

“I have no personal animosity towards anyone. When I interview politicians, I talk about their plans, promises, commitments and contradictions. I look for where the problem is, the wolf, because it is important, interesting and it is my role. After that, we can more or less like my tone, ”she said.

The reporter was probably a little upset at the time as her colleague Léa Salamé was chosen, but in the end she won.

It was supported

It is true that Anne-Sophie Lapix experienced the situation badly, but the young woman could still count on the support of her colleagues. The latter had unanimously condemned this choice, as well as the overwhelming majority of the French.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of those who denounced the fact that politicians could challenge journalists,” she said.

Enough to make him want to get back into the arena very fast!

Anne-Sophie Lapix has finally received Emmanuel Macron

The day after the debate between the two finalists in the presidential elections, the journalist was still able to interview Emmanuel Macron. According to information from “Liberation”, the presidential candidate agreed to answer questions from the public service reporter. He was invited to the 20 hours set of France 2 on Thursday 21 April 2022.

However, even though Emmanuel Macron accepted the interview the day after the debate, the choice to fire Anne-Sophie Lapix created heated controversy. According to the entourage of the two candidates, they would not appreciate her offensive questions and her “hostile” tone.

“Marine Le Pen does not want Anne-Sophie Lapix to lead the debate,” interim president of RN Jordan Bardella confirmed on CNews. This was the case with Emmanuel Macron.

France 2’s Society of Journalists (SDJ) criticized the outgoing president for “refusing invitations” to the channel. He condemned “all the pressure exerted by candidates that damage the freedom of the press”.

“It is not up to politicians to choose the journalists who question them,” they denounced.

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