The turning point is spectacular. Steve Bannon, the ancien conseiller de Donald Trump, s’est déclaré prêt à comparaître devant la commission spéciale de la Chambre des représentants qui enquête sur assaut mené sur le Capitole, 6 janvier 2021 par les partisans de ancien président American.

Commission members said on Sunday July 10 they learned of this decision from a letter from a lawyer from Steve Bannon who is being prosecuted for refusing for months to testify and pass documents to the aforementioned commission.

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The latter – which numbers seven Democrats and two Republicans – will meet specifically on Thursday, July 14, to review the three-plus-hour period during which Donald Trump did not act as a mob of his supporters stormed the Capitol. He is preparing to broadcast some revelations against the former president. Steve Bannon’s testimony would therefore be extremely valuable. “I expect we will hear from him and we have many questions to ask him”said Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren.

Until then, the former White House strategist has brandished the executive privilege argument, invoked by Donald Trump, to justify his refusal to cooperate. This privilege, a simple principle not defined by law, protects the confidentiality of exchanges between the president and his relatives.

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The end of executive privilege

The commission argues that such a defense is dubious because, at the material time, Steve Bannon was no longer an advisor to the president – a post he left in 2017 – but the host of a hugely popular conspiracy podcast. According to the commission, Steve Bannon was therefore a private citizen when he advised Donald Trump on the eve of the January 6, 2021 uprising.

According to a letter received on Saturday from Steve Bannon’s attorney, the former Republican president – who constantly denounces the impartiality of the commission of inquiry – said he had renounced this executive privilege. “If you reach an agreement on a time and place for your testimony, I will waive the executive privilege for you, which allows you to testify honestly and fairly, as requested by the unelected commission of political thugs and hackers,” is it written in the letter?

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Since the opening of the hearings, the commission of inquiry has heard a large number of people linked to the attack on the Capitol. On Tuesday, June 28, testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, former aide to Mark Meadows, the president’s chief of staff in the last months of his administration, unveiled Donald Trump’s explosive role in the riots.

Democratic Rep Jamie Raskin suggested that Steve Bannon “He had changed his mind and after presumably seeing all these people come forward, including Cassidy Hutchinson, he decided he wanted to come.”

He could choose not to answer questions

The commission wants to hear Steve Bannon why him “Had a precise knowledge of the events scheduled for January 6 before they occurred.” He cites the comments he made on his podcast the day before the riot as an example.

“It won’t happen the way you think it will. OK, this will be strikingly different. All I can say is hold on tight “he said in the program. “Hell breaks loose tomorrow. (…) So many people said, “Man, if I was in a revolution, I’d be in Washington.” Well, this is your moment in history ” He added.

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However, the degree of cooperation that Steve Bannon will show in front of the special commission is unknown. He would prefer to appear in public hearing before the commission, but the commission specifies that he must first undergo a private interview, usually as part of a deposition under oath. It is possible that the former strategist chooses to appear but refuses to answer questions, citing the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution, against self-incrimination.

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