And set sail for the epic! He embarked on his thirteen-hour odyssey, on the sea of ​​tales and dreams, a conquered audience, who rose as one man at the end of the journey, the night between 9 and 10 July, at the Avignon Festival. Young Simon Falguières, 33, may be happy to have finally given birth to this one ash nest which he carried with him for a long time and thus became part of the legend of Avignon. However, he did not deviate from a certain gravity at the moment of greetings, while many of him, among his actors and in the rows of spectators, wept with joy and emotion.

The ash nest is the second theatrical marathon of this edition of Avignon, with My exalted youth, the ten-hour piece presented by Olivier Py at the Lycée Aubanel Gymnasium. It is as if the director of the festival had wanted, for the year of his farewell, to return again and again to the work that made him famous: The servantthe twenty-four hour epic that he signed in 1995. Because Simon Falguières’ comedy is clearly part of this legacy.

Yet the young author-director did not see the show, he was still a child when it was created. But he was alongside his father, Jacques Falguières, when the latter hosted Py’s opera at Evreux’s National Scene, which he later directed. It is like The servant it had been a great theatrical dream for Simon Falguières, which he would have invested today in his own way.

“Two Apples Apples”

Theater as an art of ghosts, like a long dream that crosses time, is also at the center of his ash nestthat evokes The servant to get rid of it quickly. The confrontation between Py and Falguières is interrupted as soon as the first phrases of the piece are heard, the writing, in the second, is infinitely more thoughtful and secret, much less trumpeting and charged, than in its major.

We pass from one story, from one world to another with perfect fluidity

It is, this writing, marked by the seal of the story, with its apparent simplicity, which gradually reveals its cast shadows. And it all begins with a story, on the great dark and bare stage, suitable for hosting a flourishing of stories. In a hitherto enchanted kingdom, a queen is dying, a king is desperate and a princess, Anne, hears a call from the other side of the world telling her that this is where her salvation will come. However, in this other part of the world, men, lands and cities have been devastated by an uprising that has turned into a cataclysm, leaving the survivors in endless suffering.

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