Sad news in Hollywood. The world of the series is in mourning since the announcement this weekend of the death of Gregory Itzin, the well-known face of the small screen. The comedian died on Friday from complications related to a specific emergency surgery People Magazine who had confirmation of death from Lisa Gallant, the manager of the late actor. No details have been released on the reasons for this medical operation. “ His love of the arts was second only to that of his family. Greg had been married to his love of life, Judie, for 43 years and had two children who were his joy and pride – Wilke (also actor) and Julia (artist) – and a grandson Wylder Gregory, the apple of his eye. He spent his last moments in the Midwest with his sister Pamela, his niece Deidre and Aaron, his great grandchildren Claire and Cole, as well as his son and grandson “, Stated Lisa Gallant.

It is difficult to describe the existence of a man who lived fully. My father was known around the world for being a phenomenal actor with a filmography that surpasses the CVs of some famous actors. (…) But people also knew him for his amazing stage performances. I remember seeing him on the One Man Show Shipwrecked by Donald Margulies and be amazed that the man on that stage was my father. He loved the theater and even in his last breath he could play Shakespeare (…) I will never get the impression that we spent enough time together. I love you dad and I don’t know what I’ll do without you. You were loved by everyone and we will miss you “, Wrote his son on Instagram.

My friend Greg Itzin died today. He was one of the most talented actors I had the honor of working with, but above all he was a great person. The family will miss him 24 hour stopwatch that she had nothing but love and respect for him “, Released Jon Cassar, the producer of the series, as a tribute. A series in which the late 74-year-old actor made a splash as president Charles Logan. He also appeared in the series Fama, Charlie’s Angels, Santa Barbara, MacGyver, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Law, Emergencies, Murder One, Life of Five, Profiler, A la Maison Blanche, Friends, Mentalist, Covert Affair, The Resident or NCIS Special Investigations.

As for the cinema, he starred Is there a pilot on the plane? by David and Jerry Zucker, The young Goodman Brown by Pietro Giorgio, Paranoid of Las Vegas by Terry Gilliam Original sin by Michele Cristofer, Justice be done by F. Gary Gray or in Marches of power by George Clooney e Lincoln by Steven Spielberg.

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