Some health workers even vaccinate on July 14th! Faced with the 7th wave of covid, demand explodes among candidates for the second booster dose, now reserved for the over 60s and the most vulnerable. But while the centers have closed and pharmacies are short of weapons, the deadlines for vaccinations this summer in the North and Pas-de-Calais are being extended.

Faced with an almost complete schedule until the end of the month, Rani Maftouh has decided to open the slots for August. But for the moment the pace will not increase: ” A question of balance so as not to invade our other activities.

Especially since the screening explodes at the same time “, especially before and after the weekend and with departures on vacation “This pharmacy in Quesnoy-sur-Deûle was among the first in the region to offer antigen tests. For the summer, it asked for reinforcement from a medical student.


We are revaccinating with all our strength in the region “, Confirms Grégory Tempremant, pharmacist from Comines and regional manager of the URPS union.

The question never stopped, remember. But with the resumption of the epidemic, the arrival of the 4th dose (i.e. the 2nd booster) opened from 7 April 2022 was the booster shot. Limiting the severe forms, it is currently reserved for people over 60 (six months after the first booster), immunocompromised patients and those over 80 (three months after the first booster).

But for the Regional Health Agency of Upper France, the reopening of the centers closed since March 31 is not on the agenda. ” Vaccination was mainly transferred to pharmacies »Explains the representative of the URPS pharmacy. In Hauts-de-France, more than 8 out of 10 pharmacies participate in vaccination, with doctors, nurses and midwives.

Among the candidates for the injection: We also see those who thought the epidemic was behind us and who want to protect their families before going on vacation “, Explains Grégory Tempremant. Not to mention travelers for whom airlines require a recent dose.

Extension of deadlines

In the North and in the Pas-de-Calais, we are far from the saturation of Vendée, Landes, Tarn, Côtes-d’Armor or Haute-Savoie.

Among the readers who responded to our request for witnesses, all have so far found a space within a reasonable time, although we have gone from last week’s five days of waiting for Michelle in Arras to more than ten today for Marie-Christine in Hoymille. .

Grégory Tempremant warns against lengthening delays: ” Now it takes about fifteen days on average. ”

However, the situation is different. General practitioner in rural areas, Dr. Philippe Tréhou judges ” constant but moderate demand “. In his medical center in Guise (Aisne), he dedicates himself” a great half day »Per week at vaccination. That is, from 30 to 40 doses, far from the hundred a day that she has known!

It’s summer, people are thinking of other things What does he say. Many are also waiting for the start of the school year with the arrival of new generation vaccines effective against variants. “He also confides:” Many feel under-exposed because they don’t see many people outside of their family and friends.. “

Don’t panic

While only a third of the over 60s made the 2nd recall according to Public Health France, ” we must not forget that the virus is still circulatingreminds this doctor who recommends wearing a mask ” in public transport, at the cinema or at the supermarket, whatever their age “. Continue to urge to be vaccinated” for security reasons “, but” perhaps more with the same authority “.

We discuss it with our patients “, Explains Dr. Pierre-Marie Coquet, at the health center in the center of Maubeuge, one of the largest in France. He had continued the injections three half days a week. By vaccinating about 60 people a week, she is ready to pick up the pace.

To get vaccinated close to home, a tip: make an appointment in advance. But ” do not panic: for the moment, we always find a solution quickly “Assures Grégory Tempremant, for whom” the anti-covid vaccination campaign is now comparable to that of the flu “.

More than 1,100 daily slots have been opened on the Vite ma dose site in the North and up to 500 in Pas-de-Calais. This Monday evening there was also availability for July 14th.

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