DOFUS Temporis 7 : Les meilleurs altérés d'Osatopia

After the first maintenance of the Temporis 7 servers, the Dofusian hype drops a bit. This gives us time to step back and see what alterations the spirits mark. While some already have their little nerves, others remain powerful, even a little too much.

This article is updated with the latest patch notes for Dofus and Temporis 7
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DOFUS – The best altered of Temporis 7

Unlike classes with more than 40 spells or complete passives / active, alters are much more “one-sided”. Are they strong or not. Their role is clear, or not. From these two factors, we can already identify a small series of interesting cases in PvM, before cutting the bacon.

To learn about the achievements of each Altered, you can click on their name or their appearance in the game to consult their mobedex page.

The best epic and legendary altered by Temporis

With their common ability to hit your best element, epic and legendary oddities enter every team. They are also not that complex to acquire because they are over-generated by high-level players.

So we recommend that you buy kama to buy them directly from the auction house. You will save many hours of games and kama by going straight to the best team.

1. Valdingume, overall increase in your damage

Thanks to its “Cawotene” passive, if the Valdingume takes damage from an opponent, that opponent takes 35% more damage in return.

Additionally, his area spells are overbearing while they have mobility with the 3AP “Leap” spell. It is a must in your modified deck.

2. Mutapin, infinite upgrade for long range spells

This unlockable altered at 1860 Tempotons can enhance his “Nucleotide” spell whenever he casts it for an infinite duration.

It is capable of dealing damage over a very long range as well as having a very practical positioning spell.

3. Javache, Temporis’ best AoE damage

The Javache is capable of dealing damage on a 2 square square, which is the largest possible area on Temporis.

He also has a handy passive, which increases his critical damage with each critical hit.

Also, his “Alienation” positioning spell allows opponents to be pushed back 2 squares diagonally, which is very powerful.

4. Melomask, one of the best melee

Thanks to her “Prank” spell, much like the Sacrier’s “Dissolution” spell, the Melomask is very powerful at dealing damage on contact while stealing life points.

It is also able to fly from tackle or enter a motionless state and reduce melee damage by 50%.

The Melomask will therefore be perfect for fighting monsters with low or medium damage.

5. Enflaron, more resilient with less life-stealing

Enflaron naturally resists 30% of the damage taken and reflects 50% of the damage dealt to it in an area of ​​2 squares.

This passive makes him totally overwhelmed, his only weakness being the absence of an area in his life-stealing spell.

It will therefore be complementary to the Melomask, more powerful against opponents with heavy damage.

6. Lycradi, improved Temporis healing and area damage

Extremely practical, Lycradi allows you to save precious bread kamas while offering good surface damage.

His “Fane” spell is a very practical reenactment in many situations.

A truly practical alter that deserves a place in your deck.

The best altered of the watercourse

temporis cuff band 7 2

Very practical to increase the drop during the fights, the waterway is chosen mainly on the Temporis. It also has great alters that you can use in your deck.

Attention, during the following lists, the Altered from the profession of “Bestiologist” are not counted because they are too expensive or complex to acquire for all players.

1. Stemthorn, area damage and gold removal overwhelmed

Essentially altered by the waterway, it is able to retreat at a distance in the -10 area of ​​radius to your opponents.

His damage spells are both at 3 AP, which allows him to hit 4 times per turn and thus ensure decent hit power.

2. Aspimouette, Temporis’ best setter

Indispensable, Aspimouette can change positions with opponents in range 7 2 times per turn.

It also has the well-known “Flipflop” spell from the previous “Parchomants” editions of Temporis.

Finally, his “Rapassade” spell grants him the theft of life in an area that he is able to easily locate himself.

The best alters of the path of fire

Very present on this Temporis, the path of fire allows for easier access to wisdom and the “howl” to kill monsters quickly.

dofus temporus decanter band 7

1. Safarier, heavy ranged damage

This alter is capable of striking from afar while increasing its ranged damage rates.

Without any real additional peculiarities, it is a great ally for inflicting damage in the path of fire.

2. Howling, area damage and life steal

This alter is present in most fire decks due to its heavy area of ​​effect damage.

Be careful though, Howling is dependent on critical hits to unfold his full potential.

It is therefore essential for the Ecaflip but becomes less powerful for the other classes before level 199 and the Padgref set.

The best exposed to the elements in the air route

air temporis track

Air Path alters are the least powerful, often crossed with spells of other elements or less useful effects in PvM.

1. Parazig, heavy ranged damage

This altered intersection between the water path and the air path benefits from excellent damage from a distance.

2. Facilitated, area and shield damage

Available at the start of the adventure, this altered hits in the area while providing shield points with each attack.

It also has a shield spell which can be very useful in certain situations.

However, it only has one damage spell and while quite practical, the legendary alters seem much more interesting.

The best altered of the earthly path

headband headband dofus temporus 7

The earth path also suffers from the lack of powerful alters such as legendaries. However, it benefits from neutral damage, which is very practical in many situations.

1. Chachamp, neutral life damage and theft in the area

With his “Angorage” spell, this alter can inflict heavy damage on two spaces around him and other altered ones, making him very practical in combat.

He is also able to position his allies by providing them with shield points.

2. Tragicrane, excellent to start with its damage increase

Very popular at the beginning of the adventure, Tragicrane benefits from corrected damage as well as increasing the fixed damage of its allies.

It will always be a great companion to start the time to acquire the altered legendaries.

Xelor Ret PA, and I’m proud of it!

It seems that a lobby has formed within the newsroom to inform you of a potential non-meta but very practical combo based on Xelor. There are not many AP removal things at low levels (go for the Boskito) and relatively few altered. However, 3 of them send the sauce.

Recall that, in addition to naturally increasing the withdrawal of AP, the passive Xelor allows you to recover 1 AP and power at each rally by at least 1 AP. While the mechanics of AP removal are usually ineffective in PvM, the significant dodge penalties and the presence of stacked areas between altered make it viable.

It is entirely possible to grow several level 200 monsters with level 80 stuff and barely 65 basic AP removal (85 with passive on altered). Wouldn’t you be tempted?

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Time 7 arrives on DOFUS at the end of June, on the 29th to be exact! With pre-registrations in full swing and a server featuring unique gameplay, let’s do it. tower of passives and unique spells classes to determine the best. Which class should you play best to increase the power of your alter?

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