Game news Exoprimal: The futuristic Monster Hunter with shooter sauce is revealed in colossal gameplay videos

Almost a month ago, Japanese publisher Capcom gave us an appointment for an event that, failing to lift the veil on a wide selection of titles, focused on more or less short-term releases. The perfect opportunity, therefore, to present its new license, Exoprimal, which brings together a whole range of influences (Dino Crisis, Anthem, Monster Hunter, etc.) for a deluge of action in a chaotic mix of futuristic and Jurassic universes. . Today, to the delight of the curious, the first extracts of the closed beta have found their way on the web!


  • Monster Hunter in the heart of a futuristic city
  • Game excerpts announcing an explosive Exoprimal!

Monster Hunter in the heart of a futuristic city

At Capcom we love action, this is undeniable. Three months ago, the Japanese company took advantage of a State of Play event organized by Sony to make a global revelation. No, Dino Crisis does not go back to a completely different era as it is, with Exoprimal, a new framework and license that promises us, essentially, frenetic battles against dinosaurs in which each player will have their own specific role and gameplay.. However, I wasn’t expecting a full-fledged campaign mode: it is primarily a multiplayer experiencewith a narrative framework, however, in which two teams of five players will team up with Jurassic creatures so that one of them wins.

Exoprimal: The futuristic Monster Hunter with shooter sauce is revealed in colossal gameplay videos

During his recent appearance during the Capcom showcase which took place during the Summer Game Fest, Expressible he had announced, while revealing some other excerptthat the launch of its beta test phases would not be long. Today, American gamers who have the opportunity to experience the game during this first third of July have shared long minutes of gameplay that allow us to see more of what the Capcom beast has in its belly. ! Enough to make some people want to sign up for the world rounds that will take place at the beginning of August.

Yesterday was therefore the first series of tests across the Atlantic organized by Capcom and today the web has been flooded with content on YouTube that offers us a very broad overview of the gameplay ofExpressible. 40 minutes here, more than 1 hour or even 1 hour and 20 there, there is a lot to do (good?) First impressions on the title that reveal enough to pique our interest. Thanks to the videos posted by the various lucky ones, we can learn more about the context and the playable characters divided into three classes (Assault, Tank and Support). But first of all, you need to go through the character editor box and then start a little tutorial.

It is therefore after these few steps that we get to the heart of the matter, that is the Dino Survival mode, where both teams must quickly complete their first objective of hitting a target, eliminating the fry composed of small dinosaurs and eliminating it. The objective in question? A huge triceratops against which team members will have to use all their techniques. However, as the bar at the top of the screen shows, these are only the first steps towards victory and there are many more fights awaiting you.. In short, we let you admire all this thanks to these two videos!

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