Political thought in our country is distressing and this, at the highest levels of the state.

And this thought is bad because you can’t make observations.

Then think.

We have come to avoid “stigmatizing mice” by calling them “rats in a row”. So when we are at this level of agreement with reality, you have nothing else to expect from the policy makers of this country and nothing they will undertake or decide will work.

To take care of our over-students it is therefore necessary, according to Borne, to “continue the re-foundation of the school”, so that “it consolidates fundamental knowledge” and “grasps new knowledge such as computer programming”!

My dear Elisabeth, you are very nice to me, but between you and me, making an entire age group eat computer code in general is as stupid as wanting an entire class to do accounting.

These are boring materials.


You can see who you don’t like.

It is dry and uninteresting for 90% of the children in this country.

Take my youngest for example. It is torture for him to sit for hours listening to a rambling lover. See, he prefers to be outside, dipping his feet in puddles, pulling vanilla girls’ hair and playing soccer with chocolate guys. So the accounting or the computer code is pushing it; he, like hundreds of thousands of others, towards school failure.

Academic success is simple.

It is a lot of discipline, methods that have worked since the dawn of time like the syllabic method and that allow everyone to learn quickly. There is a lot to read, a lot to write, a lot of language and words to densify the thought, then the math… and not so much before choosing the general path. It is also a professional orientation that can only work if … there is a lot of discipline. Wanting to take 90% of an age group to general baccalaureate with computer programming is completely stupid.

But since we are in a country where there are Norwegian mice but more mice, we have students in excess, with professors in excess and over success, since my eighth grader just got a very good mention on his certificate like everyone else. the good students in his class. It is therefore an over-certificate as you get a high-school diploma to enter literary over-preparation by saying “if I knew” … having over-mentions …

Come on Elisabeth, the problem is not the coding of the computer … if they already knew how to read and express a thought with more than 150 words, it would be a clear improvement.

Elisabeth and the others, wake up!


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