Gilles Bouleau (JT de TF1) c'est fini, voici son remplaçant : une énorme surprise !

Summer begins. And like all schoolchildren who go on vacation, some PAF stars also take several weeks off. This is particularly the case with Gilles Bouleau. The journalist intends to take advantage of the summer heat to rest, and obviously to return to TF1 at the beginning of the school year.

Gilles Bouleau reveals the name of his replacement

The system is not complete. In TF1, every reporter has what is called a wild card. This is another reporter ready to embody the news if the first ever gets sick. Or more happily, if he goes on vacation. It is therefore Julien Arnaud that viewers will listen to for the next few weeks. It has the heavy duty of informing them every night, on TF1, and of maintaining a good audience.

However, viewers are not out of place, accustomed to seeing the journalist present the news. Gilles Bouleau can therefore enjoy the holidays perfectly, without fear, and get back in shape at the beginning of the school year.

Especially since his year-end calendar is totally upset for the upcoming World Cup. In fact, it begins on November 18 and ends with the final on December 17, 2022. Since it is held in Qatar, this date change (instead of June / July) has been decided. However, TF1 will broadcast a series of matches, 28 to be exact. It’s all the usual chain planning that’s pushed.

Gilles Bouleau criticized after the debate between the two rounds!

The year 2022, already committed for Gilles Bouleau, is therefore not over yet. A few weeks ago, we recall that he was chosen by the channel to referee the debate between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. An important role, but with long moments of listening and waiting. Indeed, the goal of Gilles Bouleau and co-host Léa Salamé is simple. They have to ask the two candidates one question by topic and manage their speaking time. And this is all.

Unfortunately, his serious performance (the debate went well) did not convince, starting with the host Laurent Ruquier. The latter did not hesitate to say what he thought of it, with a certain vehemence:

“Léa Salamé had done a ponytail to give air to Gilles Bouleau who was falling asleep more and more. We have seen him struggle with sleep, unfortunately he does not improve during the exchanges, fight not to sink poor Gilles Bouleau. Léa occasionally glances at him out of the corner of her eye so that she doesn’t fall on the desk. […] He wonders how you can resist when he’s so bored“.

The painful memory of Nathalie Saint-Cricq regarding the famous debate

Although Laurent Ruquier is not convincedGilles Bouleau’s performance is to be commended. How come ? Because five years ago, the debate didn’t go so well. In 2022, the two candidates are very rarely interrupted. They listen to each other, they contradict each other, of course, but without violence. However, five years earlier, the French did not witness the same scene.

We remember in particular the final lines of Marine Le Pen and her wanderings that undoubtedly cost her the victory. But beyond that, the debate was sometimes imperceptible, probably badly managed by the two chosen journalists, Nathalie Saint-Cricq and Christophe Jakubyszyn. We know that the exercise is dangerous, and they have not beaten two candidates determined to win … without letting each other speak. Years later, on the set of C à vous, the journalist returned to this bitter experience.

We tried to animate but we can’t really tell (…) They sat down, looked at each other and looked at each other. There was some enthusiasm (…) Me, I’m trying to make a stupid joke that absolutely didn’t work (…) There was a kind of deadly atmosphere (…) “

Viewers can therefore undoubtedly thank Gilles Bouleau. Because if the debate did not fascinate everyone, it remained audible from start to finish.

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