As France prepares for a new heatwave episode and in the face of alarming findings from the IPCC, global warming is hard to question. Therefore, faced with this situation, many scientists are trying to find a solution to reduce the temperatures on our planet. Today, a group of MIT scientists has just unveiled a promising project.

Get out of the spaceships, place the space bubbles

To do this, scientists were interested in the concept proposed by astronomer Roger Angel. The latter had imagined a cloud of small spaceships sent into space to help protect the Earth from the sun’s radiation. Using this principle, the goal was tomitigate or reverse climate change. With the discovery of a new hole in the ozone layer, scientists at MIT then took up this idea and improved it. Because of this, instead of spaceships, they replaced them with silicon bubbles.

The project called Space Bubbles is very simple a huge parasol formed by many small bubbles of molten silicon connected to each other. This shield, whose dimensions are about the size of Brazil, will be sent 1.5 million kilometers from Earth. Why at this distance? Simply because it is the Lagrange point L1, the place between the Earth and the Sun where the gravity of our star and that of our planet cancel each other out. In fact, the shield could, in theory, float without being attracted to one of the two stars.

A 2% discount to save the planet

According to the researchers who conducted laboratory tests, if 1.8% of solar radiation could be deflected, it would be enough to completely reverse the global warming curve.

Unfortunately, it’s not tomorrow the day before such a global warming shield will be sent into space. MIT researchers say this project is still just a concept. Plus, they still have to do it find solutions to overcome many obstacles For instance inflate bubbles from spacemake sure that the shield is resistant to meteorite impacts and that he remains thin enough to filter out most of the sun’s rays. On the latter point, scientists announce that they could remotely fix or destroy the shield by popping some bubbles.

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