“It does not occur to him that these ‘reactionaries’ perceived before him the ravages of Islamism, Islamic anti-Semitism or – we dare to write it – the problems of insecurity deriving from massive or illegal immigration”. JOEL SAGET / AFP

FIGAROVOX / CHRONICLE – An 8 July article published in Le Monde denounces the “infiltration” of the far right into the media. For the lawyer, the newspaper seems to forget its indulgence towards the extreme left and the ideological upheavals visible at the polls.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist. Every week he decrypts the news for FigaroVox.

In an article from July 8, two journalists fromWorld, more specifically responsible for the media, evoke what they consider the normalization of “reactionary” intellectuals in the audiovisual media apparatus. The article is soberly titled:How the far right infiltrated the media“.

We leave aside the semantic question and ask ourselves what this rather anachronistic article does not question.

It is indeed legitimate to ask whether the world he is aware of the upheavals of the ideological tectonic layer or more precisely of the discredit affecting an extreme left that still looks so fondly.

It is this new moral framework that Le Monde seems to have difficulty grasping.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

As for the discredit, the glaring contradictions of behavior displayed by France Insoumise during the recent sex scandals are the latest, most baroque and overwhelming portrayal.

I have already written here, about the disappointing score obtained by the Nupes, and, vice versa, the astonishing score obtained by the RN, that an invisible and inexpressible dam seemed to have been erected against a worrying extreme left that the aforementioned newspaper still does not want to name.

It is this new moral framework that The world seems to have difficulty understanding.

Likewise, it does not occur to him that these “reactionaries” perceived before him the ravages of Islamism, Islamic anti-Semitism or – dare we write it – the problems of insecurity resulting from massive or illegal immigration. From where, who knows, some merit in the opinion.

As for his eternal weakness for the far left, the way The world he will have addressed the issue of Italian terrorists, whom he endeavors to call “militants” and in favor of whom he has published several articles of opinion, is just one of countless examples. It is therefore in particular that The world, will publish many tickets presenting Battisti as innocent, before admitting his guilt. Cruelly adding that he hadn’t had too much trouble making him believe he was his friend. . . We want to believe it too.

But let’s go back to the article of July 8. Bitterly, The world notes that the anti-wake-up “nationalist” Mathieu Bock-Coté, Eugénie Bastié di FigaroCarlotta d’Ornellas Current valuesElisabeth Lévy of the “reactionaries” talker in particular (may others forgive me) are now welcomed by the media.

We will not give ourselves the ridicule of uselessly pleading the cause of the nailed person.

The difference that exists between the far-left media vision, as emblematically embodies the article from Le Monde, and a more open culture, is that the former advocates censorship and exclusion without saying so, while the latter aspires only to pluralism of opinion, saying so.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

I would just like to show the newspaper’s asymmetrical unexpected that speaks volumes about its newly concealed tropism.

For example, it never occurred to the demanding minds of the two journalists to question the presence of an alleged Maoist in France Culture, which also philosophically assumes the millions of deaths of Communist totalitarianism. Still on this audiovisual public service – more bound by essence to ideological neutrality – no critical curiosity about the porosity existing between France Inter and the extreme left Publication.

Basically, if you really think about it, the difference that exists between the far left media view like the article of the world embodies it in an emblematic way and of a more open culture, is that the first supports censorship and exclusion without saying it, while the second, far from wanting to prohibit the expression of the aforementioned extreme left personalities, aspires only to pluralism of opinions , saying so.

To show, with a smile, that this is a struggle for the exclusion of the rear guard, the author of this column will confess.

While a decade or two ago he does not rule out having felt a vile relief at being forgotten in the bandwagon of designated “extremists,” he does not rule out even today that he felt like a very slight narcissistic sting.

One way to show how the disqualifying power of a newspaper that is too lenient with the far left has lost its bite.

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