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Google Maps is a great GPS for sure, but it’s also a great alibi and it’s not this 21-year-old Englishman who says otherwise. Unjustly accused of having parked in the wrong place for 3 days, the latter used his location history to prove to the authorities that it was not his car, thus avoiding a small hefty fine.

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Google has been trying to improve Maps for years. More than just a GPS, the application now provides access to the smallest details of your trip, the best way to reach your destination, the traffic status at that moment T and so on. And if, of course, the application happens to still cause a few hiccups, the latter get caught up in these sometimes, let’s say, unexpected benefits.

Take the example of Jaime Chalmers. The day after his birthday, this 21-year-old Englishman had the unpleasant surprise of being fined £ 100, or around € 118. His crime? Having exceeded the statutory parking time in the car park in question by three hours. But then, Jaime Chalmers never parked in the famous parking lot.

This Google Maps option saved this young Brit’s wallet

“The photo they sent me showed me driving to the main road… Another photo showed me giving in at a fork in the road. They said I was three hours late in the parking lot. It wasn’t true, I didn’t use the parking lot. I only went to the drive-in “, explains the young man. The latter therefore has no choice, he must at any cost prove his innocence to cancel the sanction.

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Jaime Chalmers then had a stroke of genius. Thanks to his location history provided by Google Maps, he has definitive proof in his hands that he did not stay the indicated time in his parking lot. Bingo, a few days after sending the documents to the authorities, the charges against him are overturned. “I won, but many people may not be in the same situation. You need to enable Google Location History for this to work “reacted.

To do this, nothing could be simpler:

  • To open Google Maps
  • Click on yours profile picture top right
  • Meet Your data in Maps
  • To select Location history

All you have to do is activate the option.

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