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The Palazzo dei Grimaldi, in Monaco, reopened its doors on 1 July, after two years of construction. The opportunity to discover sublime Renaissance frescoes, discovered during the renovation.

600 square meters of 16th century frescoes have been found in the heart of the prestigious Principality of Monaco, behind the walls of the Prince’s Palace. In 2013 it was a simple restoration of the palace paintings. But under the colors of the 19th century, the restorers have brought to light Renaissance treasures: bright frescoes, in excellent condition.

They were eliminated with a scalpel and a laser. Surprising fauna figures can be found on the Renaissance ceiling of an entire living room. Satyrs were also found, painted in the 16th century. “Here the ceiling was in an excellent state of conservation. We can say that we have preserved about 70%, or even a little more, of the existing fragments”, observes Marion Jaulin, manager of the restoration site of the Palace of Monaco. The fresco painter is a contemporary of Raphael, “a great school brush [génoise]”adds Thomas Fouilleron, historian and director of the archives of the Palace of Monaco.

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