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If you want to leave this summer, be careful, in some countries the health situation is deteriorating and there are restrictions. Here’s what you need to know, this Monday, July 11, about the evolution of Covid-19 in your favorite destinations.

The Covid-19 epidemic in France restarts. While many travelers have already packed their bags and are heading to their favorite destinations, the pandemic didn’t end there too! Whether in Greece, Spain, Portugal or even Morocco, some restrictions are still in place as the health situation fluctuates enormously. Let’s take stock.


Over the past 7 days, Spain has recorded an average of 22,204 new cases per day, nothing to do with the 144,000 at the beginning of the year. We can say that the country is doing quite well compared to France and its 127,000 daily cases over the past seven days. On the other hand, 88 deaths are recorded, little more than in France. There, wearing a mask is mandatory “for anyone over the age of 6 in health establishments, including pharmacies and residences for the elderly,” notes the French embassy in Spain. Don’t forget it’s safe on public transport too!


As in France, Covid cases are exploding in Italy. The new wave has not spared the country it is recording 95,804 new cases newspapers for the last 7 days. The budget has been steadily increasing since the beginning of June. The president of the Superior Health Council, Franco Locatelli, defined the circulation of new strains of Covid-19 as “clear and consolidated”. For this reason, the use of the FFP2 mask is mandatory in transport (including air transport), theaters, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment and music venues, as well as in sporting events and competitions that take place indoors.


By June, Covid-19 cases had declined in Portugal. However, the month of July is less lenient and is already almost recording 10,126 cases per day in the last week. A figure comparable, given the number of inhabitants, to that of neighboring countries. The use of the mask is not required indoors since mid-June, but remains mandatory in public transport, hospitals or retirement homes.


In Morocco, as in other countries, the Covid-19 epidemic is starting again. Since mid-June, cases have continued to increase but remain below some European countries. In the past 7 days 2380 new cases newspapers were registered. But this figure is set to increase rapidly in the coming weeks. The country is therefore also affected by the seventh wave and has decided to extend the state of health emergency until 31 July. Consequently, wearing a mask is mandatory throughout the country, without exception.


Greece has been experiencing a real epidemic rebound in recent days. In a week, the average is 17,615 new cases per day and evolution is constant. According to some experts, the peak is expected in mid-July at best. The curves should therefore continue to rise over the next few days. The use of a mask is no longer mandatory in closed places. It is, however, in health establishments, EHPADs and collective urban public transport.


As in all the other countries mentioned above, contamination is on the rise again in the UK. Again, this should take a while as the seventh wave is far from over. Over the past seven days, the country has averaged 21,240 new cases newspapers. However, like France, there are practically no health restrictions in place in the country.

United States

In the United States the figures are quite impressive but the population is also much larger. Since the beginning of April, the epidemic has started to grow again and in the last seven days, 113,726 new cases newspapers were registered. While it is likely to increase dramatically in the coming weeks, we are a long way from January, when the country recorded an average of nearly 800,000 new cases per day. Health restrictions are fewer. From 12 June it is no longer mandatory to submit a negative test less than 24 hours before embarkation for the United States: now a complete vaccination program is sufficient.

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