This debate must come to the table!

Indeed, everything is good for justifying taxes.

And that’s what’s funny.

Old people with car stickers, road tolls, fuel taxes for ecology and the good of the planet like the indulgences of the past.

Pay your fuel taxes and you will be absolved of your stinking CO² fumes.

A good TIPP, or TICE and you will be forgiven my brothers.

But there.

These are electric cars.

So how can we continue to tax all these little people?

It is in Switzerland that progress is most rapid in this area.

“How to keep enough income when electric cars are the majority on the roads? Faced with the challenge of the post-oil era, Switzerland is studying all possibilities and evaluating the taxation of electric vehicles, reports the magazine L’Automobile. In this country, car taxation is based on three main sources of income: taxes and surcharges on “mineral oils”, but also car taxes and vignette.

In addition, “the cantons’ allowances, for a total amount of almost two billion francs per year, which are used for road maintenance”, our colleagues point out. The Swiss motorist pays an average of 800 francs a year, or just over 800 euros. But with the arrival of electric cars, the country fears that its income from the taxation of mineral oils will gradually decline.

The Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) and the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) therefore have the task of proposing new measures by the end of 2023 for the revision of vehicle taxation. A complete overhaul of the system is planned.

The Federal Council therefore wants to tax electric cars by 2030 at the latest on the mileage index. The more electric vehicle owners drive, the more they will pay. The goal is to load according to its use of the roads and their wear. The method for recording the mileage is not yet known, on the other hand it is likely that Switzerland will opt for a fee “.

In Switzerland you will pay for the kilometers traveled!

And here it is; in fact even more need to justify taxes.

It’s just that the state has to catch you and rob your pockets.

More cents, always cents, in Switzerland as elsewhere, even if in France you touch the pompom!

You will then have a tax on the kilometers traveled.

The justification?


You have to fill the boxes.

It would be good to review the fiscal thing.

What are we paying taxes for, because at the pace that things are going, there is simply no consensus to tax anymore and many French people will be holed up elsewhere under more lenient skies, which will hasten the fall of the unpunished state and the poor managers who for they have ruled this country for too long.


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