Beautiful Lille was unveiled in 2022, a Married at first sighton M6. jennifer he met Eddy there (37, responsible for events in Lille), with whom he was 81% compatible. The two candidates joined in front of relatives but, due to the lockdowns of the manager of a 31-year-old hairdresser, they ended up divorcing. An adventure that will remain forever etched in her memory. And soon he will experience a new one.

On Sunday 10th July, Jennifer opened her Instagram account to share great news with her subscribers. The mother shared a photo of her in which she appears smiling, along with her dad. In her caption, she wrote for the first time: “Time to tell you. We will participate in this crazy adventure with my father by accompanying @ for the 5th edition of the MARCHES DES CHAMPIONS. We will leave on foot, from Paris to Saint Malo : 350 kilometers in total to be covered. A departure without water, without food, without money. Only from a supply of the network community. With a single backpack, for sleeping, on the side of the roadunder the stars.

Jennifer then explained that she wanted to have this experience to get out of her comfort zone and get to know herself better “,discover yourself differently“and also reveal another image of her by showing herself”in the kitchen, without comfort“and fighting against itself”.The MAPR show made me realize that I still had some things to fix with myself. And getting out of an experience like that will definitely make me grow even more. I need, in every step that I will take with my father by my side (…) to try to externalize all this … It is for all of this, that I have this need to go beyond my limits“, has continued.

The young woman is happy to be able to live this special experience with her dad. Especially since it’s for a good cause. This will allow them to make many gifts to the children of an association that they will choose thanks to the challenges they will face. “It is in the effort that we will think about them more not to let them go. Their smile will be our greatest reward. A very difficult but human adventure awaits us with @ and participants that I can’t wait to discover. I count on your support and I hope that many of you will follow us and the opportunity to meet even during this crazy walk.“, He concluded.

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