Lidl never ceases to amaze us. The German brand is always there for occasions. In a context of inflation, shopping has become a veritable obstacle course. Everything has to be calculated. Selecting low prices is sometimes a quest for the holy grail. Lidl has long understood that combining quality and discount was not impossible. Many families use it almost daily. Fresh products go hand in hand with more original references for smaller budgets. In addition, Lidl offers weekly offers to highlight ranges or launch new references. The brand is no longer on its first attempt in this area. In terms of kitchen appliances and appliances, Lidl has hit the mark more than once! And it doesn’t stop there! Furniture, gardening, but also cosmetics with its Cien brand, you can find everything on the shelves and above all at unbeatable prices.

The pair of sandals: a fashion must

This time Lidl offers a very interesting new offer in the fashion department! Recall that the brand had already hit hard with its “home” color range. Sneakers in particular had been resold at incredible prices on the internet. Enough to show that the trend doesn’t necessarily rhyme only with inaccessible big brands. These can also tremble. This time Lidl does not hesitate to propose open sandals perfect for the summer. They remember the typical style of the famous Birkenstocks. This pair of shoes is particularly suitable for large feet. The model will be available in sizes 41 to 46. Brown in color, these Lidl sandals go with almost anything (except socks). They are covered with a polyurethane fabric without DMF, a chemical solvent that is harmful to health. On the skin side, they have a textile lining for added comfort.

Birkenstock style sandals perfect for summer from Lidl

Lidl has also equipped these sandals with a leather insole. This offers a pleasant feeling while having a longer life. The TPR sole offers perfect flexibility for this style of shoes. In addition, it gives them greater resistance which will allow you to keep them longer! For even more comfort, Lidl has thought of everything! An insole with Footflexx technology is integrated into these sandals. This will guarantee you excellent cushioning. You will then be able to use the shoes on a daily basis offering the best conditions for your feet! The price of these Lidl sandals will leave you speechless. In fact, you can buy it for only € 14.99. At that price, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity! Especially since, as often, stocks are likely to melt like snow in the sun. Do not wait !

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