See you from midnight this Monday evening to take advantage of the best Amazon Prime Day deals. The French e-commerce leader already gave us some great deals on Monday. Here is the list of all the updated tips.

Prime Day began Tuesday morning at midnight : Since then, Amazon has flooded the web with thousands of bargains. These are reserved only for Internet users who are subscribed to Prime: if you are not yet part of the community, you can benefit from a trial period of 30 days (free). From that moment on, you can take advantage of all these references at incredible prices. Prime Day runs from 12 to 13 July 2022.

Even before the start of the operation, Amazon had already revealed some excellent deals. Its brands like Ring, Echo or Kindle have seen their prices plummet by as much as -80%. And this is not just about high-tech, because all categories are affected. If you want to do business, you need to 1) have a Prime account and 2) go to the Amazon site.

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Some of you may not be brave enough to take on the hundreds of pages of Prime Day deals on Amazon. For them we have prepared a list with all the elements that we consider essential for this first day of operation. The selection is updated as new offers drop and based on stock shortages. On some models, everything will disappear in a few minutes.

Prime Day Offers:

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For 48 hours and until tomorrow evening, we will regularly update the available offers. Prime Day is a long distance race, you have to be patient. In any case, don’t expect to see the reduction rates increase over time – it won’t. The risk with this strategy is to see the products in the catalog disappear due to the shortage of stocks. This has always been the case in previous years.

In France, millions of people have their Prime membership. Many people will try to get their hands on discounted products from prestigious brands such as Apple, Philips or iRobot. You will need to be fast as the newer models start in seconds. If a recent iPhone is promoted at a bargain price, it can disappear in seconds.

Prime Day: Amazon is betting on its brands

As during Black Friday in November, Prime Day highlights the Seattle group’s brands. We therefore find very strong discounts on all Echo devices. These are more or less portable speakers that allow you to use your Alexa voice assistant. Depending on their size and features, you can use them as speakers for listening to music or as an interface on a screen. Up to -70% discount on the standard price is available.

We also like all the Amazon e-readers that have a low price for Prime Day. This is the entire Kindle range, from the standard version at 39 euros to more premium versions like the Paperwhite. The latter falls below the fateful threshold of 100 euros, at only 89 euros, and will be perfect for the summer. It is water resistant and its screen adapts to all environments. You can easily get a 50% discount for this first day of this awesome Prime Day.

To continue in the Amazon references there is also the Fire TV Stick 4K Max which is at a reduced price. The latter allows you to stream 4K content on the screen, for example from a smartphone. It’s kind of the same principle as Google’s Chromecast, but it’s much more advanced. He also loses 50% of the bill, which is a great deal at this price. For Prime Day, Amazon is truly king across all of its devices.

We could continue the list of good Prime Day deals with other Amazon brands (Ring, Blink, eero…). That said, we can expect other even more prestigious brands this Monday at midnight. As usual, Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Xiaomi or Huawei are at stake. They have been there on Prime Day since 2015 and it won’t change this year.

Amazon wants to make its Prime Day a hit as the context becomes more complicated for e-commerce. Sales of smartphones and computers have been in free fall since the beginning of the month. It must be said that the recovery in inflation penalizes households. That said, Prime Day does save you money on all themes, it’s a good time to buy less. Rather than waiting for the school year to start, you could also save -30 or -40% in these 12 and 13 July 2022.

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A right to change your mind

In France, e-merchants are obliged to give customers at least 14 days to withdraw, return the product and obtain a refund. This also applies during times when the products are at reduced prices. Amazon goes even further as it also offers 30 days to change your mind. Once you have received the package at home, you can then think about it objectively. Sometimes, during operations like Prime Day, we buy a little too quickly and can therefore regret our choice.

Fortunately, this is why this right of withdrawal exists. Prime Day asks customers, even Prime members, to hurry up. Stocks are very low and could disappear at any moment. The Amazon site often does not explicitly show the number of models in stock. As soon as fewer than 10 remain on a reference, it can go very quickly. Until you have validated and paid for your cart, the product is not yours.

The list we have created above will be updated in real time, based on opportunities. We invite you to come back regularly to this page to discover the offers not to be missed. Amazon has promised many surprises for Prime Day, we can’t wait to discover them. We will share them with you as soon as they appear on the merchant’s site.

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