The government has to deal with inflation and is currently preparing targeted responses to support households in the face of the very significant increase in energy prices. For the increase in fuel there is a priority compensation compared to the discount to the pump. For electricity and gas tariffs, what will happen after the tariff shield?

Making the richest and cheaper the poorest to pay more for electricity and gas? This is one of the songs proposed by Bruno Le Maire, in front of François Lenglet, on Sunday 10 July on LCI.

Indeed, on 31 December the tariff shield, which has so far contained the increase in gas and electricity prices, should expire. How will it happen then, in the face of a probable increase in energy prices, which will have a direct impact on the French bill?

Adjust your answer based on income

The government anticipates on all fronts and, in the wake of the fuel allowance currently under preparation, the government could adapt its response to the French’s gas and electricity revenues.

“We are starting to target those who need it most. We are doing it on fuel. I think that, like the Prime Minister, from 1 January 2023 it will be necessary that on electricity and gas we help more those who need it but in order to do so, there must also be increases for those who can afford it, “said the Minister of Economy.

Elisabeth Borne had already addressed the question the day before, explaining that “we cannot imagine asking the French, starting with the modest French, to pay 45% more for gas or electricity a third more”. However, given the cost of the tariff shield to the state, “we must move from general mechanisms to more targeted mechanisms”.

Predictable increases

“This means that we will take into account the income level of the people”, explained Bruno Le Maire, without providing further details for the moment.

The tariff shield put in place at the end of last year has so far contained the increase in invoices. Without this shield, according to the minister, “the price of gas should have increased by 50%, the French have seen an increase equal to zero”. As for electricity, it should have increased by 35% and only increased by 4%, the minister stresses.

The shield will be kept in full until December 31, 2022, said Bruno le Maire. “But from 1 January, depending on the prices of electricity and gas, it will be necessary to pass a certain number of increases, depending on the level of income”.

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