Still undesirable at FC Barcelona, ​​Samuel Umtiti is struggling to find a way out. His former coach Bruno Genesio would like to welcome him to the Stade Rennais. But within the Breton club his profile is not a priority.

Samuel Umtiti is not unanimous in Rennes.

Samuel Umtiti still in Xavi’s group next September… FC Barcelona refuses to take this hypothesis into consideration. Yet the scenario is not excluded.

Pushed again towards the exit, the 28-year-old central defender agrees to leave as long as he finds an interesting project. The Frenchman in particular opens the doors to Ligue 1 where several teams have decided to relaunch him.

Lyon are not interested

We have often hinted at a possible return to Olympique Lyonnais. But this summer, despite the privileged local DNA, Umtiti is not part of the plans of his training team.

His goal on the Rhone nevertheless brought him closer to Rennes where his former coach Bruno Genesio would welcome him. He is a player I like very much, the manager confided last week. (…) For me he is also a world champion with his experience of him, which corresponds to what we can look for. Reassured by a discussion with Umtiti, Genesio regretted that the Barcelona-born did not reach unanimity internally due to his recurring injuries and physical condition.

Rennes shouldn’t insist

A few days later, sporting director Florian Maurice surprised no one by announcing that the French international was not his priority track. There is no disagreement. We may disagree on some issues, but the exchange has always been the same with Bruno, the leader replied on Monday. We have known each other long enough to be able to change quietly, peacefully. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of some cases.

For the moment, this dossier is on standby, the sports sector boss has decided. We are working on other solutions for the moment. Unfortunately for Umtiti, Rennes appear to be more interested in South Korean Kim Min-jae (25, Fenerbahe) and Brazilian Morato (21, Benfica). And the Rennais are not the only ones to doubt the abilities of the blaugrana, deployed only once last season.

Clubs doubt Umtiti

According to the Sport newspaper, Bara’s undesirable has very few options for his future. Potentially interested clubs are sometimes discouraged by his salary. While others would have dared to ask Bara if they could take Umtiti to trial, just to check the condition of his knee. A request obviously rejected by the Spanish vice-champion, who could have every interest in lining up his defender during the friendlies to reassure everyone.

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