In addition, sanctions of approximately 30 million euro were imposed for non-compliance with the payment terms.

More than 90,000 shops inspected, about 30 million euros in fines for non-compliance with payment terms, more than 60,000 consumer complaints: the Fraud Prevention Department exercised its role as a guarantor of competition in 2021, a year marked by economic recovery, according to its annual report presented Monday.

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The enrichment of (investigative powers), particularly in the digital sector, allows us to deepen our investigations and to fight new practices that are harmful to consumers.“The Director General of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumers and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), Virginie Beaumeunier, welcomed in the preamble. “We are increasing our presence in digital markets“, He detailed during a press conference in Bercy, arguing”the necessary adaptation of our methods of action in this area“It’s in front of”new consumption and purchasing trends“,”especially through influencers“.

“Protect Buyers”

A new “Economic Fraud Intelligence Unit“thus was born in 2021 to help solve the investigations”complex“.”In a context of inflation, it is important that the French are able to consume quality products“, The new Minister of SMEs, Olivia Grégoire, hammered in front of the press, inviting the DGCCRF to”protect buyers when shopping online” it’s at “chasing false claims, particularly in environmental purchases“. During the year 2021, a total of over 130,000 checks were carried out, indicates the DGCCRF.

The year was also characterized by the increased use of mediation between consumers and professionals, “Conso signal“: Almost 150,000 reports were registered there last year – particularly in the tourism and communications sectors – three times more than in its first year of nationwide use in 2020. In February 2021, Google was fined 1 , 1 million euros for the “misleading nature of the positioning of hotels on its search engine“After an investigation launched by the DGCCRF in 2019, the report recalls.

Another big penalty: the one inflicted on Incaa, the Intermarché – Casino purchasing alliance, for 4 million euros for asking its suppliers for additional budgets without justification or compensation. However, an appeal is pending on this decision. Finally, on the project ofsingle characterresponsible for food safety controls, which will see part of the fraud repression missions transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture, Virginie Beaumeunier indicated that the “implementation of the transfer of missions and competences (era) in progress“The departures of the agentsWho wants that“to the ministry”will be released in 2023“, He clarified.

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