In Renault’s electric program for the years to come: the revival of the Scénic and the return of the R5 and 4L.

Fact, from 2030 Renault will be a 100% electric brand in Europe. The range will therefore be turned upside down in a few years! However, after the arrival of the electric Mégane, we will have to wait for the next big news, whose designs were born or were reviewed when Luca de Meo arrived in mid-2020. Designing a car takes time. The most anticipated of all, the electric R5, will therefore be ready at the beginning of 2024. Automobile Propre takes stock of developments underway.

Renault Kangoo E-Tech – 2022

The new electric Kangoo Van has just arrived in dealerships. New for this generation: the Kangoo for private individuals will also be available in an electric version. We should find the 90 kW engine and 45 kWh battery, with a range in the combined cycle WLTP close to 300 km.

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Renault Traffic E-Tech – 2023

The Kangoo Van and the Master have been electric for a few years. Curiously, Traffic is not yet entitled to it. But it will be fixed soon. Renault is preparing a trendy version of its intermediate utility vehicle, which is expected to be ready by the end of 2022, ahead of the launch of the ambitious electric Ford Transit Custom. Renault is expected to have 60 and 90 kWh batteries.

Renault Scenic – 2024

Forget what you know about the Scénic! In 2024, the king of compact minivans will become an electric SUV! The model was announced by a concept car, presented in spring 2022. The exterior design of the production version will remain close to that of the prototype. It will therefore mark a turning point for Renault, with angular shapes, very Peugeot. Logic: this Scénic is the work of Gilles Vidal, who for ten years was at the head of the Leone style!

The technique will be borrowed from Mégane E-Tech. Built on the CMF-EV platform, the compact was launched with 130 or 220 hp engines and 40 or 60 kWh batteries. We expect a larger battery, the 87 kWh seen in the Nissan Ariya. Logically, this Scénic will stand out from the Mégane for a better sense of welcome: more space in the rear, an enlarged trunk … The concept measures 4.49 meters in length, 28 cm longer than the Mégane.

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Renault 5 – 2024

With this model, Renault tests your patience. The concept 5 Prototype was unveiled in early 2021, but the brand immediately announced that the production version will be launched in 2024! We still hope to find out before the end of 2023. We promise that the production model will be close to the concept.

With this new R5, Renault becomes neo-retro, but with an engine of the future. The car will exist only in electric. She will take Zoe’s place. This R5 will use a modified version of the CMF-B platform used by Clio (and renamed CMF-BEV), then adapted to the electric.

This R5 will seek to play on two tables: to be an affordable entry-level electric vehicle, with a small motor and small battery, and to be a more chic multi-purpose model, with a high-end configuration with a 100 kW block, manufactured at Cléon, and an autonomy of up to 400 km. The car will be produced in France, in Douai.

Renault 4L – 2025

Double dose of neo-retro. In addition to the R5, the 4L will also return! The two projects were launched by Luca de Meo, boss of Losange for two years … and who was behind the revival of the Fiat 500. The 4L will also be based on the CMF-BEV platform and will not be destined to cut prices entry-level, this role has been devolved within the group to Dacia Spring.

It will differ from the R5 in a more practical side and a more adventurous look. But the main lines will therefore be inspired by the original model. We will get a taste of this vehicle thanks to a concept car, presented this fall at the Paris Motor Show. Renault has already announced that this electric 4L will have a utilitarian version, again with an old-fashioned silhouette.

What’s next?

In 2025, Renault will therefore have a full range of electric cars for the B (city car) and C (compact) segments. The following is necessarily a model placed above. Nothing has been indicated at this level. But we can imagine a large SUV. Unless Renault dares a new silhouette, why not the four-door coupe! Technically, Diamond may be awaiting the arrival of the solid batteries, which Nissan is working on.

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