With the arrival of Igor Tudor to replace Jorge Sampaoli on the OM bench, the summer market has changed direction. Several songs like Bazoer or Kluivert no longer seemed in Longoria’s sights. But the Italian press insists on the Roma attacking midfielder …

While the figure of 14 million euros seemed to have cooled the Marseille management and the regional newspaper Provence explained that Justin Kluivert’s track was abandoned following the departure of Jorge Sampaoli, in Italy we still believe in it. According to Il Romanista, in fact, OM would still be active in the case of Justin Kluivert. Igor Tudor would have validated his profile and given the green light Pablo Longoria would have made an offer of 10M €. Although the two clubs have a good relationship, AS Roma are hoping for a check for € 14.5m, the purchase option amount Nice had at the end of the season. Keep on…

They will go on loan, on opportunity, in free player – Le Mée

“I would say it is better to hire Spaniards and Italians than English to lead a football club. So people perceive it well because they know the ball. At the exit you can see the result, not necessarily everything is perfect, there are players who work but also players who do not work. You can make the list of players who have been paid dearly for nothing, Lirola etc … or the list of players who have performed well. The goal is to make a result, the club is in the Champions League and it’s been a long time since we had to go back there. The president, after three budgets at minus 80 million, had to return to the Champions League to be able to pay a little what he had committed in terms of money. That’s why I think they won’t pay. I talked to Pablo about ten days ago, they won’t pay on the prices of the transfer fees. They will go on loan, on opportunity, in free player. They will be in a hyper aggressive market and today you have a lot to do, given the market, you can find players and make good deals. After, when you don’t have the money, you have no choice and so they have to work that way. Ribalta knows half of Europe and Longoria the other half so it’s not a real connection or network problem. The trick is to get to the ranks first and be able to convince the players to come. ” Yvan Le Mee source: RMC (06/16/2022)

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