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Gazprom has further reduced its gas supplies to Eni by a further third, supplying about 21 million m3 on Monday, the Italian hydrocarbon group announced in a statement.

The average of the last few days has been around 32 million m3, Eni specifies. Part of the gas delivered by the Russian giant to Italy is transported by Nord Stream 1, which has been undergoing maintenance since Monday morning.

The phrase

“Let’s get ready for the total cut of Russian gas, this is the most likely option. “

The government called on Sunday to “get into battle order quickly” to address the possibility of a total cut in Russian gas supplies, “the most likely option” according to Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire.

“Let’s get ready for a total cut in Russian gas, this is the most likely option today. This presupposes that our energy independence will accelerate ”, invoked the number 2 of the French government during the Economic Meetings in Aix-en-Provence, who wants to take advantage of the summer to“ get in battle order ”before winter.

The number

26. This is the human toll from the Russian strike that hit an apartment building in Chassiv Yar, in eastern Ukraine, on Sunday, according to Ukrainian relief efforts.

“A total of 26 people have been found and pulled out of the rubble since the start of the works and nine people have been rescued,” the local branch of the Ukrainian emergency service said on Facebook.

The trend of the day

Germany, and with it Europe, entered this Monday in a period of great uncertainty about the continuation of Russian gas imports, which had already sharply reduced in recent weeks and which could soon dry up completely.

Russian giant Gazprom began maintenance work on the two Nord Stream 1 gas pipelines in the morning, which transport a large amount of its gas, which is still being delivered to Germany and several other Western European countries.

This stop for ten days of the two rods, long announced, was supposed to be only a technical formality. But in the context of the war in Ukraine and the showdown between Moscow and the West over energy, no one can bet on the future.

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