Énergie solaire : Alger dégaine un méga projet et cite le mauvais exemple tunisien

We were talking to you about the post-oil era and the milestones set in this direction, Algiers has decided to speed things up. There was Morocco, now we will have to rely on Algeria, the future giant of solar energy. The CEO of the Algerian renewable energy company (Shaems, edited by Sonatrach and Sonelgaz)Smaïl Mougari, unveiled the contours of the mega project “Solar 1000 MW “..

It is the Beni Ounif plant in Béchar, with a capacity of 30 MW, which could be able to produce the first solar kilowatt hours of the Solar 1000 MW project, towards the end of 2023 or at the latest at the beginning of 2024. ” said the head of Shaems, reports Algeria Eco

He added that the energy produced will be “exclusively and entirelymarketed by Sonelgaz, over 25 years, one of the requirements formulated by investors on initial contracts (Energy purchase contractsPPP).

We remind you that the announcement around “Solar 1000 MW “ has been on track since the end of last December, led by the Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy. It provides for the creation of Project Companies (SPV), responsible for the installation of photovoltaic solar systems capable of producing a total of 1000 MW, throughout the territory, with sections from 50 to 300 MW each.

Note that the Algerian executive plans to increase renewable energy to 15,000 MW by 2035 …

More than 40 investors “world leaders in the sector, they are on starting blocks for the first projects, a competition that “will lower the price“, Added the CEO of Shaem.

We also learned that after the opening of the tenders for the announcement, “it will take a minimum period of six months before the start of the works“. Smaïl Mougari adds that this deadline set by the specifications is quite reasonable considering what has been done, for example, in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, where the closure of the file took more than 2 years …

It is true that Tunisia’s tribulations in this area are unfortunately a source of inspiration. Certainly things are going a little better and the Italian giant ENI has plans on the table, but the Tunisian car is very far from the Moroccan system, perfectly oiled …

Furthermore, the GM of Shaems confided that “external financing has more advantages than local financing“, especially for programs”capitalist who requires a lot of money“, Like the project”Solar 1000 MW “. It will take $ 1 billion to finance the latter, the first phase of the 15,000 MW package. And each phase – 1000 MW per year – requires the same funding, which will ultimately yield $ 15 billion. “difficult to sustain locallyThe official said.

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