Supermarché : voici les économies que vous pouvez faire en achetant des produits 1er prix

The economic situation in France is increasingly complicated. With inflation, shortages, product recalls, it is the daily life of the French that has completely changed. Fortunately, many supermarkets and large retailers are making efforts on their prices to reduce the checkout bill.

Anti-inflation measures

Inflation is currently breaking records, but is not yet at its peak according to INSEE analysis. The latter, in fact, predicts that inflation will exceed 7% next September. The daily life of the French is very upset. Going to the supermarket has become a distress for some, so purchasing power is only waning. But many measures are being put in place to help those whose means are limited so that they can continue to live more or less normally.

The government proposes several measures to adjust income for inflation. Therefore, many social benefits benefit from the revaluation. Pensions are revalued to 4%, which gives a total of 5% with the increase last January. It will also increase the minimum age of old age or ASPA. In addition, APL, RSA and others also increased. The government does not forget the students, proposing an increase in grants for level 0 to 7 grants. The 1 euro meals will not stop immediately and will be extended at least until the end of the year. Numerous aid is therefore underway, including meal vouchers, to try to best help the French in this difficult period.

Supermarkets do their best

Supermarkets also try to help their customers in the best possible way. There are many offers, for example cheaper essentials. There are also supermarkets that use loyalty points to get more promotions. Some do not hesitate to lower their profit margins so that prices for the public are lower. This was especially true of school supplies.

In fact, notebooks have increased due to the cost of raw materials. Paper pulp appears to have gotten more expensive than in the past 40 years. Manufacturers don’t have much of a choice but to make their products more expensive. But there are many ways to lower your running total score. For example, buy the best cheap brands.

The savings you can make with the highest budget

The price difference between the branded product and the supermarket branded product is undeniable. Here are some concrete examples. For the sandwich, between HARRY’S and Carrefour, you save 9 cents. For the crockery product between Paic and Carrefour it is already 1.09 euros of difference. There is a 92 cent difference between Tropicana and Carrefour. About 1.16 euros between the Carrefour brand and Lay’s. Enough to tip the scales in favor of the supermarket brand.

A saving of 20 cents on Signal and Carrefour toothpastes. For olive oil the difference is staggering, 2.50 euros between Puget and Carrefour. Pasta also has a significant price difference, 40 cents between Panzani and Carrefour. In the meantime, toilet paper at 60 cents of difference on Lotus and Carrefour. For the little Swiss it’s 25 cents between Gervais and Carrefour. And finally, a difference and no less important, the apple compote. The latter saves 2.32 euros if you take the Carrefour brand instead of Andros.

All of these savings are achievable if you take the mass market brands rather than the more expensive ones. This can make a big difference on a receipt.

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