While the weather is in the heatwave phase, we suggest you get some fresh air with this one 369th edition of our best tweets of the week. Like every week, our community managers watched over social networks in order to select the tweets that marked the last seven days. And this new cuvée has something to delight you! Namely that this 369th selection covers the week from 4th July 2022 to 11th July 2022.

1) long live the revolution

Ptdrrrrr so here I am at laaaarme I explained to the Brits that they would not have a train before 10:30 because there is a strike and they replied “Are we really experiencing a legendary French social movement ?! It’s so cool hahaha” and the whole group was happy

July 6, 2022

2) incredible meme potential

I’ve been thinking about this meme for 3 hours pic.twitter.com/tV5p1TUuPZ

July 7, 2022

3) always follow your dreams

“If we ask the girls what they want to do next, they often reply to the teacher, hairdresser, princess …”

Me: Amber, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Child: I want to be a crocodile.
Me: Oh okay.

July 7, 2022

4) long live the pigs

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk race for innovation to conquer space

Meanwhile, the French: pic.twitter.com/18BUfoVyuv

July 4, 2022

5) with a small linkedin post as a bonus we hope

I have a colleague who has had a manicure with the company logo on two of her nails …… .. I…. I tremble with embarrassment

July 8, 2022

6) The mystery can

The can is too indecisive, what exactly are you brother pic.twitter.com/NPtEChyfzJ

July 9, 2022

7) sacra patoche

The PMU is exceptional, the best expression I’ve heard: “softly on the water of my pastis, I already took a shower this morning”.

July 8, 2022

8) a story at loggerheads

But not the sharpest in the drawer … https://t.co/QeMTz1eHMW

July 4, 2022

9) the famous uber brawl

I just wanted a braised chicken pic.twitter.com/7dxnHp6qyJ

July 6, 2022

10) very early in jujutsu kaisen:

What kind of jutsu is new pic.twitter.com/vD5rKg7ZP4

July 5, 2022

11) appointment at the roundabouts

Diesel at 2 € 10, air force 1 at 130 €, the Greek one at 8 € 50, it’s time to put the crampons on the yellow vests

July 6, 2022

12) had a nose

The laughs I got at work. Before I test a woman, I ask her if she has any symptoms. She said “No, but what alarmed me was that I passed through St Denis and I couldn’t smell the smell anymore.”
The funny thing is, it was really POSITIVE

July 10, 2022

13) we want “the 10 most beautiful pearls of your student residences”, to laugh a little

Every day a madness I have the funniest student residence in France, I will never leave it ptdrrrrrr pic.twitter.com/tYmWD8JLJM

July 10, 2022

14) did you understand everything?

The Marseillais propose you to dive 21m high and to reassure you they say “but no, you’re crazy, blood, my word, you have nothing to fear, my little brother does it too”

July 5, 2022

15) we like it in droves

A grandfather gave it to me on the street pic.twitter.com/A2xy7kg4gt

July 5, 2022

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