The first feedback for The gray man, the Netflix action movies of the summer, are here. Have the Russo brothers convinced?

While Netflix announced a drastic change of strategy for its films, we now know we can expect a lot less on the platform The Irish and more than Red notice. For better or for worse (especially the worst, we are not going to lie to each other), the streaming platform has chosen the path of a certain type of production to increase its number of subscribers. On the program: action movies with popular stars and pure entertainment. The next on the list will arrive this summer and it is The gray man, directed by the Russo brothers.

After the last two Avengers and a stint on Apple TV + with the weirdos Cherry, the Russo brothers have already hinted at a new extended universe for Netflix. But in the meantime it is former Captain America, Chris Evans, to make it to the top of their new movie poster, accompanied by charismatic Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas. This cast so it gave hope of a film with a certain panache. The first opinions on The gray man just fell to guide us a little. Newspaper.

Looking forward to the first reviews

The Gray Man is just 2 hours of a Tom Clancy submarine where we scream silly things like “take my head” between two tasteless action scenes in beautiful settings, all leading to the most ridiculous big bad reveal I could see. I almost miss Red Notice. David Ehrlich – IndieWire

The Gray Man by the Russo brothers has relentless action sequences, all well constructed. We are between verbal jousts, shootings and brute force. Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans share a great answer (and the same scruffy mustache!). Ana de Armas is beautiful and tough. Dhanush’s scenes are merciless and violent. Courtney Howard- variety

photo Chris EvansIt’s not the mustache that makes the man, but nonetheless

The Gray Man is a cleverly evil action killer film by the Russo brothers. Ryan Gosling brings back his usual calm strength in the face of Chris Evans’ imperfect charm. It’s still not nearly as impressive as Mission: Impossible or John Wick, but it’s still good popcorn entertainment. Matt Neglia – Next best film

The Gray Man is the perfect little summer action movie for 2022. The movie is thrilling and pure entertainment. Ryan Gosling is super tough there. I loved every minute of Chris Evans and his particularly savory ruthlessness. Rama’s screen

The Gray Man: photo Ryan GoslingIf nothing else, Ryan Gosling is tough

Netflix’s The Gray Man is a solid action thriller (best on the platform), with a great performance by Gosling, Evans and de Armas. The combat choreography and acrobatic work are excellent, to say the least. All in all a success. Jeff Ewing- /Movie

The Gray Man embargo is lifted. I got a chance to see him last month, I loved Dhanush. He has the best fight scenes in the movie. […] In general, I found the film okay. I enjoyed myself without adoring. There are a lot of great action scenes, but having listened to the audio version of the book beforehand, some changes (at first) caught me off guard. It is also quite a short film (2 hours). Compared to other Netflix movies in the same genre, I enjoyed watching Red Notice more. “ Kirsten Acuna- Insider

The Gray Man: photo Julia Butters, Ryan GoslingWhat are we watching tonight? The gray man or the red alert?

“The Gray Man is two hours of James Bond meeting Fast and Furious. Large-scale hilarious action, strong (self-aware) acting performances, lots of laughs: just lots of fun. Gosling and Evans are great, very good supporting actors too. , it’s a bit sloppy, but never boring. “ Germain Lussier – Gizmodo

“The Gray Man is an average movie from Netflix productions. Everything is approximate, it oscillates between a plot too complicated for what it is and repetitive sequences, badly edited, despite impressive stunts. On the screen we still see the budget and the film has a end (hopefully). ” Scott Mendelson- Forbes

The Gray Man: photo Ryan Gosling

A little spoiled by the reviews but that’s okay

All in all, more than mixed feedback. Where, as might be expected, the critics remain indulgent towards the actors (the film’s main strengths, anyway) and the quality of the stunts, we oscillate between a certain shyness and straightforward severity about the rest. Sometimes we praise effective entertainment where you don’t get bored (which is in fact the first function of entertainment), but the plot, like the writing of the characters, seems to be picked up by what we read. Putting humor in the foreground and the capital sympathy of its actors, The gray man it presents itself as a frenziedly edited film, rarely clever, but often entertaining.

The observation is clear: we therefore have here the prototype of a copy of Red notice and the beginning of a long series of films on the same model. Even critics often compare with this, some even put the film with Dwayne Johnson above, in terms of quality! Bad sign as Red Notice was already in vain and with no ambition other than to entertain the weather of a rainy midweek night. In short, the ax has not yet fallen: the film will be released on July 22 on Netflix and it is only there that we will know what to hold on to forever.

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