news culture The Knights of the Zodiac are finally back on our screens and in comics

2022 is a big year for Saint Seiya (Knights of the Zodiac) nostalgics who have a chance to find their favorite series not only on screens legally via DNA, but also very early on in comics.

The great return of a cult series on our screens

After marking an entire generation between the late 1980s and early 1990s, the animated adaptation of The Knights of the Zodiac returns to our screens in 2022 thanks to Anime Digital Network (ADN). Since the end of April, the streaming platform has offered us the opportunity to rediscover the Toei Animation series on our screens in a legal offer. The 114 episodes are available in a remastered version in both VF and VO with subtitles and cover the arches of the Sanctuary, Asgard and Poseidon. Adapted from the Masami Kurumada manga, the anime Saint Seiya was able to transcend the source material thanks to the talent of many artists, starting with character designer Shingo Araki and composer Seiji Yokoyama whose music is forever anchored in our memories. Now defunct, two Japanese giants are forever linked to the story of the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya who has already celebrated his 35th birthday. Essential reference of the shônen “nekketsu”, Saint Seiya supports self-improvement, self-sacrifice and chivalrous values in a setting inspired by both Greek mythology and constellations. An unstoppable mix that is still successful in 2022!

Saint Seiya Time Odyssey: French comics coming soon

Saint Seiya fans have been doubly spoiled this year ever since September will mark the release of a comic tribute to the work of Masami Kurumada. In the wake of comics Captain Harlock: Memoirs of Arcadiapublished by the Kana editions in 2019 under the supervision of Leiji Matsumoto, the French author Jérôme Alquié gives us this time his vision of the Knights of the Zodiac. It is a five-volume project, in the format of a cardboard comic with 56 color pages, 7 of which are additional pages.each volume returns to a particular bronze horseman. Girolamo Alquie is the designer and co-writer along with the novelist Arnaud Dollen (The supernatural).

The Knights of the Zodiac are finally back on our screens and in comics

The first volume of Saint Seiya – The Knights of the Zodiac: A Time Odyssey is scheduled for September 30th in the Kana Classics collection. If the story is not published, everything was done under Masami Kurumada’s supervision so that everything stays consistent with the source material. The story will unfold after the attack of the Silver Knights and before the Golden Lion Knight’s arrival in Japan. Pre-orders are open and we can’t wait to find out what these two authors’ vision has in store for us!

The Knights of the Zodiac are finally back on our screens and in comicsThe Knights of the Zodiac are finally back on our screens and in comics

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