Diversify your savings with SCPI

The Société Civile de Placement Immobilier is a real estate-based financial investment that allows the investor to buy shares in a diversified real estate assets. In times of inflation and financial instability, choosing to invest in REITs is more appropriate than ever.

According to Benoit YerleWealth management consultant at Portal-SCPI.frthe diversification of the assets held by the SCPIs allows this risks in the pool related to the real estate sector and to optimize potential returns: “Contrary to the direct purchase of a property, the SCPI allows the investor to invest their capital in a large asset! This allows risks to be pooled, which is not possible with the purchase of an asset alone “.

The sectoral diversity of real estate assets as well as the diversity of tenants protects investors and unitholders from the risks of the real estate market: “By purchasing a single property, you are totally dependent on this property: if it collapses, or if you have rental problems such as unpaid bills to manage, you lose capital. But with SCPI, if one of the real estate assets has a problem, the management company can rely on other assets to limit the loss as much as possible! ” explains our expert from Portal-SCPI.fr, Benoit Yerle.

What are the various sectors of activity of the SCPIs

From sectors accessible with the SCPI, we find for example:

  • Offices;
  • Shops;
  • Health facilities;
  • Storage warehouses;
  • housing;
  • Hotel complexes.

Most of the time, SCPIs are mainly placed on commercial real estate with office buildings. However, the past few years have seen the emergence of many Specialized SCPIs located in a single sector, such as healthcare or logistics. More rarely, SCPIs may also offer residential assets.

Therefore, the tenants are more often professional tenants like businesses. “For the investor it is ideal because it gives them a certain security, as companies are often more solid than private individuals. the duration of the leases is longerthis ensures that the property will be rented out for the long term. “he adds Benoit Yerleconsultant at Portal-SCPI.fr.

How to choose your SCPIs well to better diversify?

“The SCPI is an investment unsecured capital, so you have to be careful. We do not recommend that savers invest alone, without support, “he explains Benoit Yerleconsultant at Portal-SCPI.fr.

Specialized SCPIs, diversified SCPIs, French SCPIs, European SCPIs … The range of choices in terms of SCPIs is wide for investors looking to diversify their assets. Furthermore, it is more than essential for him to turn to specialized consultant !

Wealth management specialist and convinced of the quality of investment support what is SCPI, Benoit Yerle founded Portal-SCPI.fr with four partners with the aim of making the investment in SCPI “accessible to all” and to offer personalized support, based on a confidence Beyond the long term.

Therefore, in order to make your investment as effective as possible, it is best to encourage objective advice in a independent asset management company how Portal-SCPI.fr. With over 10 years of experience, its consultants will be able to offer you advice tailored to your budget and needs. Do not hesitate any longer and contact one of its experts at the following number: or make an appointment directly on the site Portal-SCPI.fr.