For fifteen years, Thibault Chanel has been helping candidates for Search for an apartment or house to find the property of their dreams. On Instagram this Monday, July 11, the real estate agent reveals that he has become a dad for the first time.

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Since 2006 M6 has offered viewers the opportunity to travel to the four corners of the country thanks to the program Search for an apartment or house. Single people, couples, families or friends are looking for their next home. And various real estate agents, scattered throughout the territory as well as in the DOM-TOMs give themselves body and soul to try to find the rare pearl. Between them, Thibault Chanel, present in the exhibition since its launch, for 16 years already. And when it’s not on the air, the guest takes care of his three real estate agencies located in the capital. “I feel like I lead two lives: on the one hand, I have three real estate agencies and manage sixteen employees. On the other hand, the show takes me out of this everyday life. It’s like a recreation“, Explained in TV 7 days.

Thibault Chanel is the father of a child: “You enchant my life and fill me with happiness

loyal viewers of Search for an apartment or house knows Thibault Chanel well. This is why she wanted to present the new member of her family on Instagram. This Monday, July 11, she shares a photo of him holding her first child in his arms. “Love at first sight (Love at first sight, in French, ed) “, he writes. Father Gaga of his child, takes stock of these last four weeks that have turned his life upside down in the best way possible: You have enchanted my life and you have filled me with happiness for almost a month, daughter of love. A publication that her friend and colleague Sandra Viricel was quick to comment: “I am so happy for you, congratulations my Thibault.

Stéphane Plaza and Thibault Chanel live in “200 meters away “

The two real estate agents started together Search for a house or apartment. But it is almost impossible for them to be seen during filming: “Everyone goes on their own and we have very busy schedules“Thibault Chanel confided to our colleagues. However, it’s not uncommon for them to meet outside of work. And for good reason, they’re neighbors! We live 200 meters from each other, but sometimes we have a drink together“, Reveals the real estate agent.

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