UNUSUAL – This fall is perhaps the most spectacular of the 2022 Tour de France so far. However, few viewers saw it. This Sunday, July 10, while Yoann Offredo answered Matthieu Lartot’s questions live on France 2, on the sidelines of the ninth stage of the tour, it was in the background that the scene was played out.

The France 2 set was established in Châtel (Haute-Savoie), the arrival city of the Tour this Sunday. And behind the former cyclist just hired as a consultant for this 2022 edition, several internet users have spotted the spectacular fall of a man on a mountain bike who, apparently, has badly negotiated a jump.

Over Yoann Offredo’s right shoulder, we see a silhouette with a white t-shirt poised. Then his bike follows him a few seconds later. The sequence can be seen below:

More fear than they give for the mountain biker because, on other images released shortly after, we see him climbing the slope to retrieve the bike. And if Yoann Offredo has not seen anything of the scene, the suffocated laughter of the journalist Matthieu Lartot suggests that the latter has not missed it.

In addition to this sequence that will undoubtedly have made many spectators smile, this 2022 edition of the Tour de France has already been marked by several impressive falls in the group.

This Saturday in particular, during the 8th stage, a maxi fall landed or delayed many runners (Pogacar, G. Thomas, Roglic, Quintana, Bardet, Gaudu, etc.), immediately after the departure from Dole. American Kevin Vermaerke, one of the youngest of the group (21 years old) responsible for the fall, had to give up.

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