This Sunday, July 10th, Jennifer, one of the candidates revealed in the program Married at first sight on M6, he created the surprise by revealing the challenge he is about to carry out with his dad.

The continuation under this announcement

It is during the sixth season of the romantic show Married at first sight on M6, which viewers fell in love with Jennifer. Hurt from a previous romantic relationship that hid only lies, the young girl from Lille was unable to overcome her many obstacles and fears by marrying Eddy. Just like their mates Émilie and Frédérick, or even Sandy and Alex, the Northern candidates have decided to divorce … Referring to her very complicit relationship with her ex-husband, Jennifer had confided in an interview for Gossip room : “Maybe one day we will meet again. We don’t know what life is made of.“Meanwhile, the young mother’s priority is not finding love! Determined to rebuild herself from her participation in the M6 ​​experience, the young mother surprised her members by making a big announcement this Sunday, July 10 …

Time to tell you

It was on Instagram that the candidate posted a photo with her father, accompanied by a long caption that began like this: “Time to tell you. We will participate in this crazy adventure with my dad (…) for the 5th edition of the “March of Champions”.“A real challenge for the candidate, who is about to travel the distance that separates Paris from Saint-Malo, that is 350 km! And in order not to make the task easier, Jennifer, her father and the creator of this experience will have no water, money or food and will only have to rely on the kindness of local residents who will be the only ones able to supply them. And if the young mother has undertaken this variation of Beijing Expressit’s for a very specific reason … Finally, two!

You will see me in a different light

Since her participation in the M6 ​​show, Jennifer has continued to rediscover herself and grow. Determined to outdo herself, the young mother is in one hurry by performing in this “March of Champions”: to push herself beyond her limits and show herself “in another light“.”Learn more about yourself, discover yourself differently, differently, from what you might see and know from me …“What if the young mother agreed to sleep under the stars”without comfort“, and for “a good cause, that of children.“During her journey, Jennifer and her father will be looking to win as many gifts as possible for the association of their choice. A great human adventure that we can’t wait to discover!

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The continuation under this announcement

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