In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… While Noa is electrocuted, Jordan discovers her achievements in her French baccalaureate. At the same time, Nordine learns of Manon’s feelings.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us broadcast tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

Tuesday 12 July to Tomorrow belongs to us …


Karim can finally leave the hospital. If he should be happy to resume the course of his life, the policeman is on the contrary particularly annoyed that Victor has offered Chloé and Alex to buy the farm. According to him, the former businessman is hiding behind the sabotage and would have done everything to push the Delcourts to bankruptcy in order to buy the family business. While Anna reminds him that she is in no condition to go to war with him, Karim replies that she will be okay.

For their part, Chloé and Alex go to the police station and tell Martin that Brunet has offered to buy the farm for 80,000 euros. Since he couldn’t have raised so much money so quickly after losing his fortune, Martin suspects sabotage is behind it. Unfortunately, tracking him down could prove difficult.

Meanwhile, Karim goes to Brunet and accuses him of being responsible for all these dramas. And he swear not to let him go before he promises that he will end his days in prison himself. Far from being discouraged, Timothée’s father invites him to leave immediately. Once alone, Victor rushes to contact a mysterious person and asks to see her quickly.

Later, Victor and Sophie arrive at the police station to tell Commander Constant what happened. Since Captain Saeed hadn’t sent, Martin promises it won’t happen again. However, he takes advantage of the fact that Victor has come to ask him some questions about his financial situation. The latter then makes him believe that his former financial partners are ready to invest in his business.

Later, Martin calls Karim and gives him a bar of soap and then orders him to go home to rest for the time needed. Before he leaves, Martin signals that he will never allow anyone who has hurt one of his men to get away with it.

Not far from there, Bart confides to Audrey that she is not well. In fact, Louise misses a lot. And when he doesn’t think about his wife, she is his mother. Bart then instructs her to serve the customers before drowning her sorrows in alcohol.

At the farm, Noa takes advantage of a moment alone with Judith to confess her feelings. Still madly in love with her, he can’t go on. Apart from her and her parents, he no longer has anyone. In turn, Judith states that she will never let him down because their story is the most beautiful thing she has ever experienced. With tears in her eyes, she explains to him that the strong bond between them will never go away. As she comes over to kiss him, she finally changes her mind at the last moment, but she still invites him to have a drink alone together tonight. A proposal that you gladly accept.

A few miles away, Georges asked the former owner of the farm for a list of people interested in his business over the past twelve months. However, the policeman found nothing serious apart from an investment company, SIDOC. Created just two months ago, SIDOC is the subsidiary of LO.LA.B Invest like Lola Brunet, Victor’s deceased daughter.

At the same time, Bart arrives at the farm drunk. He then tells Jordan that Alex didn’t visit his mother in the hospital once when everything that happens to him is his fault.

At the end of the day, Noa takes care of cleaning the oysters using a machine. When he suddenly stops working, the young man shakes him to try to start it. Unfortunately, an electric cable falls on the wet ground and Noa is immediately electrocuted before collapsing. Without waiting, Judith rushes to her side but Noa doesn’t react …


It is the day of the results of the French baccalaureate. Jordan shows up at the Spoon to make his mother believe that she has failed. In fact, the teenager got 19 for writing and 18 for speaking. Crazy with joy, Audrey takes him in her arms.

Later, Jordan joins Jahia at the hut. On the spot, François, who is having a drink, congratulates his students on their baccalaureate and then tells Jordan that he is the major in the school. With these notes, François tells him to continue the letters, specifying that this could open the doors for him.

At the end of the day, the entire Roussel family gathers to celebrate Jordan’s success.


Manon goes to the police station and returns Nordine the sweatshirt he had lent her. Since she has to leave for a briefing, she arranges to meet him later at the thatched hut to review. Roxane, who participated in this exchange, quickly realizes that the young woman has a crush on her colleague. If Nordine has everything to please her, she still points out that she is having an affair. Uncomfortable, Manon ends their conversation and then goes after them.

Later, Roxane takes advantage of a coffee break to tell Nordine that Manon has a crush on him. To prevent her from making films, Roxane then advises him to distance himself from her if what she feels about her is not reciprocated.

Later, Nordine finds Manon at the Spoon to help her review. A little embarrassed, he immediately gets to work. Moments later, Sophie calls Nordine. Upon learning that she is with Manon, the lawyer struggles to hide her jealousy of her.

At the end of the day, Manon and Nordine make reviews much more enjoyable by questioning each other. Whoever makes a mistake will have a pledge. Having lost Manon, the cop challenges her to retrieve the phone number of a customer sitting at the bar. Since she doesn’t know who to choose, Nordine encourages her to go find the cutest man but Manon retorts that she already has her number. The next moment, Sophie joins them, so she takes advantage of Nordine ordering her a glass of champagne to criticize Manon’s teenage looks. The latter then retrieves his things and leaves the couple alone.

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