Hey friends, it’s time for the best Monday tweets you’ve all been eagerly waiting for hard to crack down. If you’re not lying on the beach or yelling at your kids to put on sunscreen, you probably have 5 minutes to read the best tweets of the past week to laugh out loud. Nice day, nice week and good life everyone!


1. The Lyons did not invent hot water

2. As in doubt

3. These Bulls are truly poisonous

4. The great classic

5. We knew it would end like this


6. The Marseillaise accent in writing is nothing more fun

7. Do you want to gouge out my annoying eyes now …

8. “When I pack too many clothes for a very short trip”

* Untranslatable pun * Eleven pants = Eleven is panting / out of breath // Eleven pants

9. We will shoot the bolas at Place Sainte-Anne in Rennes

10. Both hilarious and not very funny, it’s crazy


12. The 95 ball racket all these years

13. I hope everything went well


14. Bowser in Lego costs more than a Nintendo Switch

15. The girl lives in a sitcom

16. A little respect


17. We should all take an example

18. Social Security And cheap coke, we’re still lucky

19. Please stop trying so hard it’s embarrassing for everyone

20. FIVE cents? We will put this well deserved luck on booklet A

21. So far it hasn’t worked that well

22. They are right, they do not rust from the inside


23. Do you want to wash my rims there?

24. Girls don’t necessarily want a guy with abs, they want a guy to send them pictures of two cute cats saying “we”

25. People who refuse to download TikTok really think they have a mature PhD

26. Huge atmosphere for a lifetime


27. Definitely depressed

28. Why did you glue it?

Well it’s over, what more do you want now? Must go!

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