The Russian occupation authorities in the Ukrainian region of Kherson, conquered by Moscow, said on Monday 11 July that they had foiled an attempted attack on their leader in this territory that Kiev is trying to recapture.

In recent weeks, attacks on officials carried out by Moscow in the occupied regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine have multiplied. At the end of June, an occupation administration official was killed in Kherson. Russia denounces acts of “terrorismmade from Ukraine. On Monday, the Kherson occupation administration said its leader, Vladimir Saldo, had escaped an attack. According to this source, residents reported an IED planted on a road that his vehicle was supposed to take.

Ukrainian terrorists are trying to prevent the return of peace to the Kherson region“, Denounced this source on his Telegram account, posting a photo that should show the explosive in question. Earlier in the day, occupation authorities in the Zaporizhia region said they shot down a “saboteurUkrainian who strafed the house of a public official in the Melitopol district, without wounding him. “During the night, the saboteur shot the official’s house, then tried to hide in a wooded area on the outskirts of Melitopol (…) When he was arrested, he resisted by opening fire. Then he was fatally wounded in return“, A representative of the occupation, Vladimir Rogov, indicated on Telegram.

Since the conquest of most of the regions of Kherson and part of that of Zaporijia, the Kremlin has been pursuing a policy of Russification in view of possible annexation. Moscow introduced the ruble there and is encouraging residents to receive Russian passports. At the same time, the Ukrainian army has been conducting a counter-offensive on the Kherson front for several weeks, while the bulk of the Russian troops are deployed in Donbass in eastern Ukraine. Kyiv has managed to regain ground and get closer to Kherson, a large city of 290,000, but has so far failed to break through Russian defenses.

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