“The companies Samsung, Hisense and Gigaset have made the decision to reduce the power of their terminals via a software update,” he announced on Monday. the National Frequency Agency.

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He was told to step back. Three smartphone manufacturers, formally informed by the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) had to modify the transmission power of some devices to limit users’ exposure to electromagnetic waves. “The companies Samsung, Hisense and Gigaset have decided to reduce the power of their terminals through a software update”ANFR announces, Monday 11 July.

The agency in charge of controlling the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, used in particular for wireless telecommunications, had checked the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Samsung), Infinity H30 (Hisense) and GS290 (Gigaset) phones. It had identified values ​​exceeding the limits imposed by European regulations. These values ​​frame the Specific Absorption Rates (SAR), a concept that quantifies the energy carried by electromagnetic waves and absorbed by the human body. Measurements are made in different situations: phone in hand, close to the body or head.

The update “Allows the localized SAR ‘limb’ and ‘trunk’ to comply with the regulatory limits of 4 W / kg (watts per kilogram) and 2 W / kg”. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Hisense Infinity H30 devices thus go from 4.3 W / kg before their update for localized “limb” measurement to 2 W / kg, while the Gigaset GX290 sees its localized SAR “trunk” decrease. from 2.9 to 0.8 Weight / kg.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “There are currently no indications that exposure to low intensity electromagnetic fields is hazardous to human health” And this “despite much research”.

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