News event ZEvent 2022: In the face of controversy, ZeratoR announces an important and historic change

Despite the explanations and the setting of a further interview, the tensions surrounding the choice of the GoodPlanet foundation for the ZEvent 2022 were too strong. The organization of the event has decided to change the tone!

GoodPlanet: the association chosen at the center of the controversy has been fired!

Partnership with EDF, BNP Paribas and TotalEnergie, criticized links with the biodynamics and anthroposophyor even a statement by Yann Arthus-Bertrand on the World Cup in Qatarthe foundation Good planetchosen to be the beneficiary of the next ZEvent, he suffered many reviews.

Followers of ZEvent 2022, a charity event that brings together more than fifty streamers, have widely criticized this choice and, despite ZeratoR explanations of the selection mode and how the event will take place, the voltage did not drop. After almost a week of controversy, the organization of ZEvent 2022 announced it an important change, which is the first in the history of the event. Also note that some streamers, such as Maghla or Arkunirdeclined the invitation due to GoodPlanet’s choice as beneficiary.

In fact, on the afternoon of July 9, ZeratoR announced it the GoodPlanet foundation was rejected, the first time for the event, which last year raised over 10 million euros. After an exchange between ZEvent and GoodPlanet, the two sides agreed ok leave it like this.

This does not mean, however, that the event is planned from 8 to 11 September, is canceled, far from it. In a lengthy statement, ZeratoR indicates that the organization has been extremely careful “to all your comments for a week” and that it was “It is clear that the association chosen this year did not convince you but also that no association mentioned in your answers does not reach a consensus”.

ZEvent 2022: spectators and donors to choose

But more importantly, the organization hasn’t just announced it’s looking for a new association to support involves potential donors and followers. This year it will be them will choose the associations to which the collected amount will be donated.

Indeed, ZEvent now delivers a list associations that defend the ecological cause in different ways, and Internet users must now vote to highlight 5. These five associations will share the prize money equally at the end of the ZEvent. With this operational change, the first in the history of the event, the organization hopes to put an end to the controversy and to continue the preparation of the 2022 edition in peace.

The list of associations in the race has been revealed

A few hours later, a list of 22 associations has been proposed and interested parties have until Wednesday 13 July at 14:00. vote. ZeratoR, who until then will be absent from social networks, has made it clear that none of the associations has a consent, but that all those present are able to handle the arrival of a large sum and provide concrete monitoring of the use of funds:

  • The fresco of the climate
  • Foundation for Nature and Man
  • Noah
  • Zero waste France
  • Sea Shepherd France
  • Flowering
  • SPA
  • Bird Protection Alloy (LPO)
  • The cleaners of the sea
  • surfer
  • The gearbox project
  • The wings of the ocean
  • Friends of the Earth
  • We Forest
  • Greenpeace France
  • time for the planet
  • France Natural environment (FNE)
  • 1% for the planet
  • Acting for the environment
  • WWF France

Don’t rush to the polls to vote. You have 72 hours to get information, ask questions, browse their site, etc. You will not find any consensus associations on this list, but it is by working with everyone that we will move forward. (…) We remain in respect please. The survey was published on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube post, instagram. I encourage you to share it en masse so that it goes out “people I can reach with my profile” regardless of the network. The same goes for streamers attending the event, ZeratoR added.

GoodPlanet reacts to the announcement

For its part, the GoodPlanet Foundation also spoke about its various accounts through by Albane Godard, General Manager, to announce his retirement. This indicates that the foundation was very excited to attend the event, while stating the controversy of the past few days “to serve the cause for which each of us, employees, volunteers, partners on the ground (…) whose work is called into question, without foundation”.

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