Justice has decided to take action against the university hospital of Guadeloupe. The University Hospital Center was sentenced on Monday to a total of 200 thousand euros with suspension of the fine for two manslaughter, having violated the safety and prudence obligations imposed on it.

Two patients died in 2011 and 2014 from lack of sufficient care, the court ruled. In 2011, a 70-year-old died at CHU “of cardiac arrest” after being “neglected for more than 21 hours without a real medical visit” following a fall, denounced Anis Malouche, a lawyer for one of the plaintiffs.

A decision “according to the demands” of the prosecution

The other file concerned the lack of assistance of a woman in her thirties in 2014. Admitted to the CHU for “psychiatric disorders”, she was “attached on a stretcher for 4 days” because “the isolation rooms of the CHU were not functioning”, she indicated. RCI (Radio Caraïbes International) at the time of the trial. “The lying position, under duress, would have formed a blood clot and the fact of having finally lifted it, would have caused his death,” the local media still indicated.

Yanick Louis, a CHU attorney, indicated that “the decision complies with the prosecution’s requisitions” during the trial in June 2022, noting that “it is as a legal entity that the CHU was sentenced”, to “100,000 euro suspended fines for each of the cases “. “All claims from civil parties” have been denied, he said.

Appeal to come to the question of compensation

For Me Malouche, this judgment is “the first”, the belief is “quite substantial”. “It’s a first step for the victims, the CHU’s admission of guilt,” she estimated. The center has “deliberately” violated the “obligations of safety and prudence imposed by law”. Maître Malouche also announced that it will “obviously” follow an appeal to the administrative court on the issue of compensation.

“The prosecution spoke of unforgivable facts, lack of means and personnel that do not date back to yesterday, in particular in the field of public services in general, the bankruptcy in this case is collective and the health company” cannot be l ‘sole responsible, for his part denounced RCI. In addition, the Guadeloupe CHU was the scene of mobilizations earlier this year due to its run-down and the requirement to vaccinate caregivers.

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