The star’s lawyers Pirates of the Caribbean Responding to Amber Heard’s camp request to cancel the trial after learning that one of the seven jurors should not have taken part in the trial.

New twist the Heard-Depp case. On Friday, Amber Heard’s lawyers called for the defamation lawsuit between the former couple to be quashed after learning that one of the seven jurors had not been contacted to attend.

On Monday, Johnny Depp’s camp counterattacked by assuring the verdict was to be upheld, American media reports whose variety And Weekly entertainment. The star’s lawyers say the actress was aware of the situation.

In their view, he also did not provide any evidence that this situation directly harmed him: “The verdict was obtained on the basis of irrefutable evidence, consistent with the law and this should not be evaded. Mr. Depp asks the court to deny it. request for a retrial, which is completely frivolous “.

In a document released on Friday, Amber Heard’s lawyers denounced the presence of a bad juror at the trial. They are targeting a person who would take the place of another member of her family, who bears the same name. It is not yet clear what their relationship is.

“As the court will agree, it is particularly disturbing that an individual not assigned to a jury participates in spite of everything, especially in a case like this,” Amber Heard’s lawyers who could get the American media wrote in a document. Deadline.

Deprived of her right to a fair trial

According to Elaine Bredehoft, the actress’s attorney, her client has been deprived of her right to a fair trial and is seeking a retrial. The lawyer had already requested cancellation last weekclaiming that the evidence against Amber Heard was unfounded.

Elaine Bredehoft had made it known in late June that her client wished to appeal. The day after the verdict, she even indicated that the actress could “absolutely not” pay 10 million in damages to Johnny Depp.

Jurors initially ordered Amber Heard to pay her ex-husband $ 15 million – reduced to 10.35 million dollars due to local law that limits punitive damages.

Johnny Depp attacked Amber Heard in defamation of a column published by Washington Post in 2018. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean he claimed $ 50 million in damages, believing this platform had destroyed his career and reputation.

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