GREAT BRITAIN – He is one of the biggest stars of world athletics, a champion who is the pride of Great Britain by becoming the first quadruple Olympic gold medal (in London in 2012 and Rio in 2016) by Her Majesty. “The truth is, I’m not who you think I am,” says Mo Farah, 39, today.

In an interview that will air this Wednesday 13 July on the BBC but of which some excerpts are to be seen in our video at the top of the article, the athlete knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2017 reveals her heavy past. He explains that he came to pass under a false identity before being forced to work as a servant in a family. Revelations that could have earned him the indictment, but Boris Johnson’s government has indicated that he will not unleash any.

“I was separated from my mother and was brought to the UK illegally under the name of another child named Mohamed Farah,” confesses Mo Farah who claims to be actually Hussein Abdi Kahin. “The real story is that I was born in Somaliland, in the north of Somalia, as Hussein Abdi Kahin. Despite what I have said in the past, my parents have never lived in the UK, “he continued. He also says that his father was killed when he was 4 and that his mother and two brothers still live in this unrecognized region. by the international community.

Mo Farah called his son Hussein, his real name

The champion explains in this interview that the woman who took him to the UK promised him that he would join relatives, which never happened. He tore up a piece of paper with his relatives’ contact details and threw it in the trash. “At that moment I knew I had a problem,” continues Mo Farah, who she says was forced to do housework, babysit another family and remain silent in order to survive. “I would often lock myself in the bathroom and cry,” she says.

It was his sports teacher, Alan Watkinson, who saved his life. The man who also testifies in the BBC documentary tells how Mo Farah changed his attitude once he arrived on the running track. It was he who took the steps to allow the champion to become a British citizen in July 2000.

22 years later, the quadruple Olympic champion decided to tell his story for his children, including his son Hussein, to whom he gave this name in reference to his own. “I’ve been holding it for so long, it’s been hard because you don’t want to face it and a lot of times my kids would ask questions,” he says. And you always have an answer for everything, but you don’t have an answer for that. ”

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