Ukraine claims to have bombed a Russian ammunition depot in the Kherson region

Ukraine announced Tuesday that it had targeted Russian military units and an ammunition depot in the occupied Kherson region (south), where Russian occupation authorities reported killing seven people.

According to military officials responsible in the south of the country, Ukrainian bombings and missiles killed 52 Russian soldiers and hit “an ammunition depot in Nova Kakhovka”.

7 dead after the Ukrainian bombing of the occupied Kherson region

Russian occupation forces in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine said seven people were killed and around 60 injured in a Ukrainian attack during the night between Monday and Tuesday.

“There are already seven dead and about 60 injured” in this strike that hit the city of Nova Kakhovka, Vladimir Leontiev, the head of the military-civil administration based there by Russian forces, said on Telegram.

It was not immediately possible to independently verify these claims.

A famous private negotiator will try to free basketball player Brittney Griner

The families of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, imprisoned in Russia, have asked private negotiator Bill Richardson to try to secure their release, the reports of this former diplomat confirmed on Monday, who the American media believes will soon surrender in Moscow.

“What I can say is that both families, Whelan and Griner, have asked us to help free their loved ones,” Mickey Bergman, vice president of the Richardson Center for Global Engagement, told AFP, confirming this information to the press.

Ukraine anticipates Russian offensive, accuses Canada of undermining sanctions

Ukraine expects a new offensive by the Russian military on strategic cities in the eastern Donbass region – a priority target for Moscow – as President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday accused Canada of weakening sanctions against Russia.

For its part, Europe has entered a period of uncertainty due to the continuation of gas deliveries from Russia, the Russian giant Gazprom has started maintenance work on the two Nord Stream 1 gas pipelines that supply Germany and other countries Western Europe.

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