The father of the family who occupied a house in Essonne before being expelled ensures the Parisian having been the victim of a scam by illegally purchasing the property from a dishonest intermediary.

This is yet another turning point in the complex affair of the “squatted” house in Ollainville (Essonne). Saber B., father of five of the family who occupied this house before being evicted and then attacked on June 9, speaks for the first time in The Parisian Tuesday 12 July to give his version of the facts. Revealing that she bought this property from a dishonest broker, Saber B. has, according to the newspaper, filed a complaint for fraud and aggravated violence.

Over the past month, this 41-year-old worker, his wife and five children, aged 4 to 16, have been hosted from hotel to hotel by Essonne prefecture via 115. They have been called to leave the house they occupied with an eviction order on 9 June. However, Saber B. has always believed she was in his rights. He today he says he was deceived by a dishonest broker from which he illegally bought the property. “My client came home with the keys, through the front door: he is not a squatter and he never was”so affirms al Parisian his lawyer, Maître Samia Maktouf. Actually Saber B. was scammed by Issam A., now on the run to Tunisia. According to The Parisianon 20 May the father of the family filed a complaint for fraud with the gendarmes of the Palaiseau.

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Saber B. allegedly signed a fake sales contract on August 29, 2021 with Issam A., an acquaintance posing as the owner of the house. “He signed a contract by mutual agreement, as can be done in Tunisia”indicates a Parisian Mr. Maktouf. “This is how it happens in the countryside”justifies Saber B ..

Of the 120,000 euros requested by Issam A., Saber B. made a transfer of 43,000 euros and gave him the rest in cash, according to his lawyer. “It’s my big mistake”, acknowledges the interested party. In fact, in France, the maximum authorized liquidity limit for a real estate transaction amounts to 3000 euros. Saber B. moves into the house “in September 2021”entering it with the keys – it is not yet known where these keys come from.

In the meantime, a real estate agency is contacted by the property’s real estate, who realizes that his house is illegally occupied, and offers it at a reduced price to Laurent and Elodie. The latter sign a promise to sell on 2 March 2022 at the notary. The couple comes several times to visit the family. In May the situation becomes tense. The gendarmes had to intervene several times. In particular on May 19, during a fun party during which the couple climbed over the gate before being joined by a dozen friends, sometimes wearing helmets or masked.

In a dead end, in June, Laurent and Elodie come into contact theParisian. Until Saber’s expulsion. B. and his family then attacked him on the evening of June 9, when they finally left the premises. “I would like to know why they beat me with my childrenasks Saber B. al Parisian. I’m here to work, not to fight, I don’t want any more problems. “

“We wanted to make this case a symbol of the fight against squats and use it to support a safety policyalso denounces Me Maktouf, lawyer of Saber B. in The Parisian. Except on the basis of prejudice, we attacked honest people. “

Several twists

Recall that the case was revealed on June 8 from The Parisian : a couple, Elodie and Laurent, denounce the illegal occupation of their 70-meter pavilion2 recently purchased for € 140,000 in Ollainville. On May 19, this couple claims they signed the deed of ownership with the notary and received the keys to their new home. Arriving at the scene, they say they noticed that the house was occupied by a family – that of Saber B. The couple assure that they are not aware of this illegal occupation. The article by Parisian however, he specifies that the notarial deed referred to an occupation without right or house title.

First twist on June 9th. In the morning, the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin and the Minister for Ecological Transition, Amélie de Montchalin, are moved by the couple’s story, sharing the video of the report of the Parisian on your Twitter account, denouncing a “Unacceptable situation” and asking “immediately to the prefect of Essonne to commit […] rapid evacuation of illegal occupants “. Formal notice is taken during the day to evict the occupying family within 48 hours. But on the same day, BFMTV, in an on-site appraisal, states that the couple knew full well that the house was occupied at the time of purchase. The couple ends up confessing that they lied to Parisian.

Second turning point on 10 June : The Parisian reveals that the family occupying the house was attacked by masked people as they left the premises at midnight on 9 June. While the gendarmerie had just served the warning, Saber B., his wife and their children, aged 4 to 16, were taken in charge as they loaded their belongings onto the truck. People spray them with tear gas and beat them with sticks. The truck was damaged, the cockpit and interior of the house sprayed with tear gas. The family occupying the premises also revealed to BFMTV that they bought the house for 120,000 euros in cash, presenting a document that should prove it. However, for the mayor of the city Jean-Michel Giraudeau, questioned by RMC, this title deed “it had no legal value“.

Also on June 10th The Parisian he publishes an apology to his readers, regretting being misled by the couple.

Third turning point on June 14: RTL reveals that the “victim” couple, Elodie and Laurent, have been indicted since October 22, 2021 for “Drug trafficking, illicit possession of category B and C weapons and participation in a criminal association aimed at preparing a crime” and currently under judicial control. If found guilty, they face up to ten years in prison for these offenses.

Me Maktouf, Saber’s lawyer. B now intends to file a claim for the property so that Saber B. reclaims the accommodation. A request that, however, has little chance of success. Asked by The Parisian Laurent certainly has no intention of leaving the house.

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