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Updated on March 24, 2023 at 2:42 p.m.

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An ode to color, to fluid and delicate materials, spring is also an opportunity to dare prints.

It’s almost become an instinct: bring out these colorful and bright prints after spending long seasons with a slightly duller wardrobe for winter. When the good weather arrives, we switch our piles of clothes and we go in search of what will be the rare pearl of our dressing room. We want pop shades that give pep and make an instant impression! A beautiful flowing dress? A retro blouse or 7/8 pantsth cannon? We take everything, as long as the print pleases us and highlights us.

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What are the spring-summer 2023 prints?

The floral print

As soon as the trees bud, the floral print returns to our outfits after several months of hibernation. Inseparable from the spring and summer wardrobe, the floral motif is a timeless that always has its little effect. Retro mini-flowers like those that can be seen in Rouje’s collections, which have made them their flagship print, maxi and graphic flowers or even mixed with tropical leaves, everything is allowed as soon as the sun comes up. !

The tie-dye print

The tie and dye, emblematic figure of the hippie movement in the 70s and later of the grunge movement in the 90s, is worn in style today and is becoming a major spring-summer fashion trend. He’s been spotted on a number of runway shows during fashion weeks, sunset style and popsicles. On Instagram too, some it-girls have already taken hold of the phenomenon. And with our friends the people too! So, how to wear the tie-dye print like the stars? We choose it as an ultra-colorful t-shirt in cybercafé mode from 1993, over straight jeans with subtle shades of color or over a fluid and vaporous dress.

The animal print

It remains the essential of prints. This season, he is back in force. In total look or small touch, fashionistas are big fans. It must be said that it leaves us spoiled for choice. In zebra, leopard, snake and more recently the cow print, it is possible to create an infinite number of original looks in no time.

What are the fashion colors for spring-summer 2023?

Be careful, this summer we dare to mix bold colors. But concretely what will be the fashion colors of spring-summer 2023? We start with fuchsia pink, royal blue, bright yellow, vitamin orange or even mint green, but also paler colors such as mauve, celadon green and sky blue. All eccentricities will be allowed.

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